March 5th, 1999
¤Booth¤ News 300pm Pacific Time

-Provider ACMEcity Chosen!-
Finally, I have found a provider worthy of my creative self. I shall now construct the basis of my site. From time-to-time, I shall report back what I have done, but that shall not be too important til I have a finished product. Let's just say the main point of this page is to express areas of importance like saving money by not buying stuff you can get for free, understanding yourself better, and well just a place to sound off and do whatever... This provider is pretty bad about questionable material, so let's keep it PG13 at worst for now... I know, I know this sucks, but hey that's life! Wait til I get my own server and .com! We will rule the world! Til then deal with what I have. I shall also get in-dept, or however you spell that... too lazy to use spell check on my life (boring), but hell, someone is bound to want to know, so I shall talk about that too, and what we can all learn from the mistakes/successes I have been involved in. Heck, that's what life is about anyhow, Learned Lessens. Well that shall be enough to report. Just know I'm laying down the basics, and If you by some chance find this page, Email me at and tell me you found it!

Saturday, March 24th, 2001
12:06am Pacific Time

- Beginning The Page Again -

Oh yes, here I go again! I sure don't know how I am even gonna organize this, let alone my own life. Anyhow, I am starting on it again, and this time, I am gonna get a finished product out of this, I swear. For those of you that are really behind the times, it is time to bring you to current. I'd say, the current era I'm in is still the gaming era, that started about August 2nd, 1996, which is when I think I left my place of residence with a bad knee and pissed at the good old family, for yelling at me in front of the little ones. It's not like I can retaliate, when the niece and nephew are witnessing the madness. As far as the current news, Since some of the gaming stuff started turning out not quite how I expected, and I got fired, and left yet another job, I went into one of those nasty depressions. Gotta luv them. This time around, I know I'm there, but yet, I don't do a thing about it. I finally did get a job with RGIS (inventory specialists). Still, they give me crap for hours, so I struggle to maintain the luxuries I have. When will I get the motivation to get a new job? Do I believe I even deserve it? Will anyone hire me? I sure am terrible with failure, ya know. Just won't even try, and that is damn sad. Other than that, just filling time with a whole lot of nothing, and tons of thinking. I'm also constantly consulting friends and trying to help them come along. It helps to get away from all of the things that bother me (in most cases). As far as personal issues, I got a nasty tooth pain, that has bothered me on and off since about when I lost my job. Once you are not sure what direction to go, you see all the forks in the road, and you just sit there, and stare at them, rather than just taking a path. That is where I am now. I can just hear the trees crack and the ground swallow up just ahead, so I won't be able to take many of those trails. I have got to hurry, cause ya know, someone is counting on me, I just don't know it yet :):):)! 239MW... Just know I do what I do for a reason.

- Check Out Twin Galaxies -

Wow, some kewl stuff going on here. Make sure to put in a good word for me :)

- Random IM -

I tell ya. What are these teens without a good father figure trying to pull? You are not the girl on survivor, so don't try to impress me. Man, who the hell would want to impress me anyhow. Check my pic lately, or what? :):):)

Brainy Girl12 (8:38:14 PM): Hi

Auto response from Glitchman1 (8:38:14 PM)
: I'm playing Starcraft.... This might take awhile, so you know the drill!

Glitchman1 (8:39:21 PM): hi
Brainy Girl12 (8:39:33 PM)
: do u have a picture?
Glitchman1 (8:39:40 PM)
: ya, I have one
Glitchman1 (8:39:51 PM)
: lets see
Glitchman1 (8:39:55 PM)
: checkin gyour info
Brainy Girl12 (8:39:55 PM)
: me too wanna trade
Glitchman1 (8:39:57 PM)
: sure
Brainy Girl12 wants to directly connect (8:40:06 PM)
Brainy Girl12 is now directly connected (8:40:12 PM).
Brainy Girl12 (8:42:08 PM):

Sure That's You... YA RIGHT!

Glitchman1 (8:42:38 PM): is that really you?
Brainy Girl12 (8:42:39 PM)
: let's see yours now
Brainy Girl12 (8:42:44 PM)
: yeah
Glitchman1 (8:42:52 PM)
: here goes nothing
Glitchman1 (8:43:00 PM)
: cover up all exposed glass
Glitchman1 (8:43:05 PM)
: for it might break
Glitchman1 (8:43:33 PM)
: grr for some reason it doesn't want to show up here
Glitchman1 (8:43:38 PM)
: probably cause it's a jpg
Glitchman1 (8:43:39 PM)
: darn thing
Glitchman1 (8:43:50 PM)
: it usually shows up
Glitchman1 (8:44:24 PM)
: ok plan b
Glitchman1 (8:44:46 PM)
Brainy Girl12 (8:46:15 PM): cool
Brainy Girl12 (8:47:28 PM)
: what did u say about my picture? I didn't get that it kinda messed up
Glitchman1 (8:47:48 PM)
: all I asked is if that was really you
Glitchman1 (8:47:54 PM)
: cuase I saw the website listed at the corner
Brainy Girl12 (8:47:56 PM)
: o yeah it is
Glitchman1 (8:48:00 PM)
: so I just was curious
Glitchman1 (8:48:02 PM)
: ok
Glitchman1 (8:48:06 PM)
: than I warned you about mine
Glitchman1 (8:48:15 PM)
: and just said it wouldn't go through the IM images
Brainy Girl12 (8:48:16 PM)
: yeah that's my website
Glitchman1 (8:48:31 PM)
: and than gave you the link to mine
Glitchman1 (8:48:38 PM)
: hmm, I' have to check out that website
Brainy Girl12 (8:48:47 PM)
: o okay
Glitchman1 (8:49:03 PM)
: probably wouldn't care too much for mine, unless you have play video games
Brainy Girl12 (8:49:04 PM)
: u can read it right
Glitchman1 (8:49:32 PM)
Brainy Girl12 (8:49:48 PM)
: yeah
Glitchman1 (8:50:45 PM)
: yep it works
Glitchman1 (8:50:50 PM)
: checking out the bio now :-)
Brainy Girl12 (8:51:05 PM): hee hee
Brainy Girl12 (8:51:12 PM)
: :-)
Glitchman1 (8:51:24 PM): hmmm Boston College
Brainy Girl12 (8:51:31 PM)
: yeah
Glitchman1 (8:51:44 PM)
: and even got your favorites lined up
Glitchman1 (8:51:53 PM)
: anyhow, I'll put ya on my buddylist
Glitchman1 (8:51:59 PM)
: I got some people that want me back in Bnet
Brainy Girl12 (8:52:00 PM)
: okay
Glitchman1 (8:52:03 PM)
: I shall chat with ya later
Brainy Girl12 (8:52:11 PM)
: okay
Brainy Girl12 (8:52:15 PM)
: My other s
Brainy Girl12 (8:52:22 PM)
: *is
Brainy Girl12 (8:52:28 PM)
: Lizzysurvivor23
Brainy Girl12 signed on at 8:52:37 PM
Glitchman1 (8:52:40 PM): alrighty
Glitchman1 (8:52:42 PM)
: both have been added
Brainy Girl12 (8:52:48 PM)
: okay
Glitchman1 (8:52:49 PM)
: I shall catch ya later
Brainy Girl12 (8:53:05 PM)
: I'm usually on this one though okay buh bye

Auto response from Glitchman1 (8:53:05 PM)
: I'm playing Starcraft.... This might take awhile, so you know the drill!

Brainy Girl12 direct connection is closed (8:53:18 PM).
Brainy Girl12 signed off at 9:36:47 PM.
Tuesday, March 27th, 2001
1:30am Pacific Time

- Yep, I'm still at it -

Not quite for public revealing yet, but it's getting there. I have posted my gaming section, an old news section, and even got a counter and message board going, so I have made some progress I guess. Another boring day, that is for sure. The highlight of my day, was one of my friends heading over and helping with some car related stuff, so I could just drive aimlessly around, showing him some good old Junction City memories. Sure is way less powerful during the night, that is for sure, but sometimes, the night time is the right time. Oh yes, I do have some further suprises in the news to share soon today, including a followup to that last IM. I believe we got at least a lamer of the week going here! That girl just won't give up the ghost. I guess she really is a SURVIVOR... NOT! MW238!

- Lamer Of The Week -

I just can't get enough of this! I wanted to see how far this hw would take this. What Kart Groupies will do to impress one these days :) Any of you other gamers have this problem? Timberbaked!

Glitchman1 (1:10:45 PM): hi
Brainy Girl12 (1:11:04 PM)
: hi
Glitchman1 (1:11:25 PM)
: survivor girl, huh :-)
Glitchman1 (1:11:36 PM): he he he
Brainy Girl12 (1:12:08 PM)
: yeah
Glitchman1 (1:12:11 PM)
: but seriously
Glitchman1 (1:12:14 PM)
: who are you really
Brainy Girl12 (1:12:36 PM)
: I told
Brainy Girl12 (1:12:44 PM)
: My name is Elisabeth
Glitchman1 (1:13:05 PM)
: ok... the site I went to showed pics of the girl on survivor
Brainy Girl12 (1:13:33 PM)
: yeah
Glitchman1 (1:13:42 PM)
: and are you saying that is you?
Brainy Girl12 (1:13:54 PM)
: yeah
Glitchman1 (1:14:05 PM)
: that is quite a claim
Glitchman1 (1:14:28 PM)
: so you graduated from Boston college, right?
Brainy Girl12 (1:14:39 PM)
: yes
Glitchman1 (1:14:57 PM)
: pretty kewl to be out of school, huh?
Brainy Girl12 (1:15:07 PM)
: yeah
Glitchman1 (1:15:21 PM)
: Hi Glitchman1
What ^ The name's KE. Wanna say Hi 2 Anna-grace c u n Science What was our homework again? Heather no I'm not mad at u Laura H nice message on u'r answering machine Tom u'r so smart. Katherine u'r the MOLE j/k hope u liked ur skittle's.
Never frown cause u never know who's fallin n love with ur smile- Justin Timberlake
God made coke God made pepsi God made NSYNC oh so sexy!
(If you want to know what that stands for IM me) No cybering!
5 out of 4 people have trouble with fractions
Glitchman1 (1:15:34 PM): thats funny
Brainy Girl12 (1:15:42 PM)
: what?
Glitchman1 (1:15:42 PM)
: your info section seems like your in Jr. High
Glitchman1 (1:15:53 PM)
: I'm a bit confused
Brainy Girl12 (1:15:56 PM)
: jr. high no
Brainy Girl12 (1:16:33 PM)
: It's from a couple years ago
Glitchman1 (1:16:45 PM)
: the info I just pasted?
Glitchman1 (1:17:49 PM)
: I checked it... you updated it fresh today
Brainy Girl12 (1:18:01 PM)
: no I didn't
Glitchman1 (1:18:06 PM)
: also, you just changed your buddy icon
Glitchman1 (1:18:26 PM)
: I checked it.. the word "heather was in there before" it wasn't there this time
Glitchman1 (1:18:34 PM)
: Heather and Laura
Glitchman1 (1:18:35 PM)
: hmmmm
Glitchman1 (1:18:51 PM)
: probably an Epping person
Glitchman1 (1:19:36 PM)
: oh well, it was a great try though
Glitchman1 (1:19:48 PM)
: what do we have for our parting teen
Glitchman1 (1:20:00 PM)
: free N'sync memorabillia.... na
Glitchman1 (1:20:03 PM)
: just some advice
Glitchman1 (1:20:17 PM)
: read up on the gal you pretend to be, before you are her
Brainy Girl12 (1:20:39 PM)
: huh
Glitchman1 (1:20:43 PM)
: oh well, it was fun... someday you can humor me with why you deceived me, but I'll just chock it up to good laughter now
Brainy Girl12 (1:21:01 PM)
: what the heck are u talking about
Glitchman1 (1:21:49 PM)
: so your still sticking to your story
Glitchman1 (1:21:58 PM)
: even though your info does n ot match up with a college grads
Brainy Girl12 (1:22:42 PM)
: whatever good bye
Brainy Girl12 signed off at 1:22:51 PM
Glitchman1 (1:23:02 PM): note to everyone, I just blocked her
Previous message was not received by Brainy Girl12 because of error (1:23:02 PM)
: AOL Instant Messenger(SM) cannot send this message because you have blocked the recipient. You can change this setting on the Privacy tab of the Preferences dialog.
Wednesday, March 28th, 2001
1:30am Pacific Time

- Man, I was messed up most this day -

I tell ya, I should not have stayed up all night Losing to Steven Zwartjes in chess. Man, I tell ya, can't he ever lose at a game, or what? I think I dropped more chess games that night vs him than anyone in the same day. That even includes Don Callis (1992 Oregon Open Champion). It's not all that amazing, cause I'm really not all that great compared to the people on the net everyone. It's a darn popular game, so odds are that I'm gonna get crushed by alot of people. This is much like how it is in starcraft. Darn Kart has upped my expectations, and now I wanna be good at everything. Just is not gonna happen, unless your name is that jerk Steven that keeps winning :)

But seriously, some small changes with the site since you last checked. Friends page is up, even though there is only one posted so far. I know this individual pretty darn well too :):):)

Other news of the day is that I basically felt like crap, but when RGIS called me, I took the 8pm assignment, because hell... What would you rather do... Sit here behind the beast, and make no money, or go and make some money for later. It is a pretty easy decision, so I put my 4 hours in and went home. I guess this "Paul" dude that ran the shift thought I did a really good job that night. First time I've seen the guy run a shift. I guess he commonly does the night stuff at the malls, and since I've only done one mall store before this, that is why I never saw him. So far supervisors and management have thanked me for my efforts. Well, if you think I'm so damn good, how about getting me out of poverty here and giving me some more (exp. usage very tempting) hours? Why does every (same exp. deal) employer hire like a gazillan more people than they need? Is dependability so bad, that it requires having half your force working an average of 5 days a month. GIVE ME A BREAK!

- What A Dummy -

Once again, Admiral is quick to break down someones retarded logic!

Assasian0987 (4:29:24 PM): so i had to spell it assasian
AdmiralSchaal (4:29:41 PM): Assassin
Assasian0987 (4:29:53 PM): i know but i had to spell it like this
AdmiralSchaal (4:29:57 PM): no
Assasian0987 (4:30:01 PM): cus there was no room
AdmiralSchaal (4:30:01 PM): u di dnot
AdmiralSchaal (4:30:04 PM): umn
Assasian0987 (4:30:08 PM): it only let's me put in 12
AdmiralSchaal (4:30:24 PM): Assassin and Assasian have the same number of letters
Assasian0987 (4:30:32 PM): OH
Assasian0987 (4:30:38 PM): whatever
AdmiralSchaal (4:30:48 PM): lol

Thursday, March 29th, 2001
12:00am Pacific Time

- Another pretty boring day -

Yep, I pretty much spent most this day playing starcraft and other games. Where did all that time go? Oh well, it's not like I got much more important stuff to do. I also got to see Gran Tarismo 2 for the first time. Can't wait til burbs gets the better vehicles going, so I can start getting him into those time trials. He just likes to race, so I doubt I'll get overly far with that.

No page updates today, cause I'm just not motivated to. Just thinking about the usual give me a break stuff. Anyhow, I figure I'll share a funny link I should have done yesterday, but I spaced it. Seems some country finally banned pokemon. Wonders never cease, huh?

Friday, March 30th, 2001
12:30am Pacific Time

- Semi-eventful, I guess -

Once again, no motivation, so nothing new quite yet. The day started out with a friend of mine from work calling tons and stuff. I sorta was busy with other stuff at the time, so I wasn't answering the phone. One of those things was spending an hour removing all that corrosion off my battery. Just think, it all got there in 3 days! Nasty stuff, but baking soda, takes that right out!!!

After that, I drove around a bit and than got my 99 cent crispy meat burittos. Gotta get my greese fix, as cheap as I can, ya know. The guy working there commented on my car. It's weird how people comment on a car that is only a 305 and is about 150 hp. I mean shit, don't lawn movers have more power these days? (j/k not that stupid about cars, but almost) I just view cars as things to get me from A to B, and on my income, fixing them up is not a priority for me, so I'm just not as excited about it as others with the money are.

Burbs and I had a fun run. He showed up after his workout, and wanted to take a jog. Even after all that fast food, I didn't mind taking him up on it. I must admit, even after a workout, he was running pretty nice. I'd say that I did not want to go any faster. However, he decided to try to prove his manliness after the last corner. That was a big mistake. I will say that he was making me work for it, but he ended up getting a muscle spasm, so I won easily. Always perform within your abilities, I say.

NBA basketball was sorta exciting, when I was not napping. I sorta liked the Mike Tyson interview and the stuff that sorta filtered from that. Kenny taking mike in.... ok Basketball yes.. Boxing... hell no ;) I do like watching those commentators on there. Ainge the hothead, was making fun of Kansas, like hardcore. I was dying of laughter there. However, I think the funniest thing was last night. Letterman can be such a dirt bag. As soon as he told everyone that clintons excercise ruitine involved working on a "stationary intern", that sent me over the edge. Also, on his visual jokes section, I have realized that is last visual, is the worst. In the last 2 shows I've viewed, one talked about underage drinking parties that his lead band member wants to throw, and the 2nd one suggests a possible incest situation. I tell ya, what the networks will allow these days.

More starcrap playing for me. I guess I did good at first with Admiral, but that 2nd game sucked so bad. Had control of the game, and let gota recall his way to a win, while my partner watched me get killed. CONTROL+ALT+DELETE time, for sure!

Saturday, March 31st, 2001
12:00pm Pacific Time

- Taking A "battery" -

Well, as some of you know, I got a call yesteraday for work, so I was gone most the day. It is over a 3 hour trip to K-Falls from Eugene, so it was quite a long ride. Funny stuff at the job. Like the driver trying to go through divisions in the parking lot to try to get to the place, and me counting about a gazillian letters at the signs section of this store.

I finally got back around 5pm to the office, and when I tried to start my car... big suprise... won't start. So my brother picked me up, and he talked me into going to the YMCA.

I played pretty good for being tired from my job. My team even won the first game, even without Jamie being on my team. Thing is, after a few games, and changing team chemistry, that one go to guy we had started having a problem with my backcourt defense strategy. See they did not like switching and stuff. He called me a horrible player. I let him have it for the next 10 minutes. I wanted to switch teams, but noone would let me. I went into one of my very pain in the butt moods. Still, with all the stuff I was doing for that team, I don't think what he said was justified.

Once I got on my brothers team, after most people left, I was schooling everyone, and bad too. We won all of our games I think. Than towards the end... I played one of the remaining people there in a little bit of 1v1. That was pretty challenging. I'm used to beating everyone 1v1, but this guy got to a 12-2 lead, going to 15. I thought I was gonna get blown out, but I made some real hard outside shots, and started hustling. I caught up and made it 13-13. He made the last shot, and I said GG. He did earn it against me, and he did play well.

I haven't done anything with the site today, but I might do so soon, and even some small things with the kart site. Well see, as far as that goes, I guess.

Sunday, April 1st, 2001
12:00pm Pacific Time

- Lamer Of The Day -

I tell ya... There is no end to the lameness in the world. Ya, he knows you, no he does not know you, and yes, I am too retarded to answer simple questions. Man, if you want to talk to me, state your business! I so much prefer chatting with the people I already know for this reason.

PROZZAK MAN says: hey
PROZZAK MAN says: bye
PROZZAK MAN says: hey
PROZZAK MAN says: are you there
PROZZAK MAN says: i will go is you don't answer
PROZZAK MAN says: 10 secs
PROZZAK MAN says: 987654321
PROZZAK MAN says: bye
Prozzak Man says: are you there
Prozzak Man says: yes our no
Prozzak Man says: hello
Prozzak Man says: do you a guy named lee
Prozzak Man says: plz answer
Prozzak Man says: bye
Prozzak Man says: than
Prozzak Man says: cyaa
Prozzak Man says: hey
Prozzak Man says: hey
¤Kevin Booth¤ says: hi
¤Kevin Booth¤ says: be back real soon
Prozzak Man says: hey
Prozzak Man says: k
Prozzak Man says: how longg
¤Kevin Booth¤ says: 2-3 min on phone
Prozzak Man says: k
¤Kevin Booth¤ says: off phone
Prozzak Man says: k
¤Kevin Booth¤ says: how are you doing today
Prozzak Man says: good
¤Kevin Booth¤ says: ok
¤Kevin Booth¤ says: do I know a guy named lee
¤Kevin Booth¤ says: hmmm
¤Kevin Booth¤ says: only one comes to mind
¤Kevin Booth¤ says: some guy I played basketball with at this one gym
¤Kevin Booth¤ says: very long time ago
¤Kevin Booth¤ says: so odds are no, unless you can remind me of someone else
Prozzak Man says: nmaybe
Prozzak Man says: ya
Prozzak Man says: why is he on your list
¤Kevin Booth¤ says: who on my list?
Prozzak Man says: that guy
¤Kevin Booth¤ says: I added you
¤Kevin Booth¤ says: cause you added me
Prozzak Man says: k
¤Kevin Booth¤ says: there was like a permissoin thing
¤Kevin Booth¤ says: and I said ok
¤Kevin Booth¤ says: figured you were someone I knew
¤Kevin Booth¤ says: so wanted to find out
¤Kevin Booth¤ says: anyhow, as the handle says, I'm Kevin Booth
¤Kevin Booth¤ says: from Oregon
¤Kevin Booth¤ says: who are you
Prozzak Man says: i am michael
¤Kevin Booth¤ says: ok, how did you come across me
¤Kevin Booth¤ says: the thingie
Prozzak Man says: mi bro has you on his list
¤Kevin Booth¤ says: ok
¤Kevin Booth¤ says: does he know me from somewhere then?
Prozzak Man says: he knows you
¤Kevin Booth¤ says: is he a video gamer?
Prozzak Man says: no
¤Kevin Booth¤ says: hmmm
¤Kevin Booth¤ says: so he knows me personally?
Prozzak Man says: i guess
Prozzak Man says: no
Prozzak Man says: no he doesn't
¤Kevin Booth¤ says: than where does this person know me from
Prozzak Man says: he doesn't know you
¤Kevin Booth¤ says:

¤Kevin Booth¤ says:
does he know me from somewhere then?
Prozzak Man says:
he knows you

¤Kevin Booth¤ says: your making no sense
Prozzak Man says: he doesn't know you
¤Kevin Booth¤ says: ok, than I'll backtrack again
Prozzak Man says: g2g bye
Prozzak Man says: cya
¤Kevin Booth¤ says: how did whoever that added me come across my email address
¤Kevin Booth¤ says: ok later
Prozzak Man says: bye

Monday, April 2nd, 2001
2:00pm Pacific Time

- Flip a bird, don't kill it! -

The amazing things one can do with a baseball.

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2001
12:00pm Pacific Time

- Anyone Believe in blind dates? -

I found a hillarious link for our female visitors to this site (if there are any). Seriously, there are a couple around, so I fetched it. To the rest of us... If you click on the links, just don't tell anyone else your strat. I guess either you get made fun of, or you teach everyone else how to get your girls... he he he...

- Sweet, I'm an editor -

I like knowing that I have been a part of a great project. Twin Galaxies, eventually, will have their new records book released, and when they do, I will be in the credits! Check it out folks!

- Basketball and Starcraft -

Both of these are going way better for me as of late. Burbs' Uncle opened up the gym in that sweet gym at the good old elementary location. pretty high attendance, that is for sure, and plenty of X-varsity players from Pleasant Hill were there (I wasn't one btw). The never ones being Starter and class of 95 member, Jay Burton, and starting center for the 3rd place billies, 6'8 Aaron Gielish. They both did pretty well, but I still scored on them :). Anyhow, we all got to play plenty, evne though there was 14 people there, cause we were all getting tired, and most importantly, we all got along, unlike the Y :).

Starcraft has gotten better. I still get pissed, but I haven't arnolded/left a game in awhile, so I guess that is good news. I also had a memorable game on bloodbath. If you are a starcraft central member, you can check that out under gaming and the starcraft section.

Wednesday, April 4th, 2001
12:00pm Pacific Time

- Working On Grand Opening Project -

Well nothing much going on here, besides me being a gaming addict, and doing the usual convers here and there. I am working on the grand opening project for the site, and I already have what I want to use selected. Now I just got to put my added touches in there, and make it entertaining for the rest of you. Work tomorrow, and the next day, so you probably won't see me online overly that much. Catch ya all later!

Wednesday, April 11th, 2001
12:00pm Pacific Time

- Wow, that week went by pretty quick! -

Well since then, I have played alot of basketball, and mostly starcraft, as far as gaming goes. I did set 2 PRs in waverace for those that are following that game as of late. Those scores are updated off the gaming pages, as usual. Basketball has gone pretty well for me. I have been productive in pretty much every game, and my conditioning has improved. I guess I might give things a better chance. Man, so much has happened, so I guess I really shouldn't bother summarizing. At Starcraft Central, the 2v2 Tourney is underway and so far, I'm 1-1 vs that Viper/Lar team, and hopefully Squall will be ready to step it up a level when we all play on dire straights. Well, here is a link for you all to check out. Looks like Klass has got a band formed, so give all your support to DEATHWANG!

- I've heard everything... I thought... (check this scam out)-

WARNING -This message is being sent as an advisory! MAJOR SCAM: 809 Area Code Trick Can Be Extremely Costly DON'T EVER DIAL AREA CODE 809.

This one is being distributed all over the US. This is pretty scary especially given the way they try to get you to call. Be sure you read this message and pass it along. Don't get scammed! Don't respond to e-mails, phone calls, or web pages which tell you to call an "809" Phone Number. This is a very important issue of Scam Busters because it alerts you to a scam that is spreading *extremely* quickly- and can easily cost you $24,100 or more, and is difficult to avoid unless you are aware of it.

We'd like to thank Verizon for bringing this scam to our attention. This scam has also been identified by the National Fraud Information Center and is costing victims a lot of money. There are lots of different permutations of this scam.


You will receive a message on your answering machine or your pager, which asks you to call a number beginning with area code 809. The reason you're asked to call varies. It can be to receive information about a family member who has been ill, to tell you someone has been arrested, died, to let you know you have won a wonderful prize, etc. In each case, you are told to call the 809 number right away. Since there are so many new area codes these days, people unknowingly return these calls. If you call from the U.S., you will apparently be charged $2,425-per-minute. Or, you'll get a long recorded message. The point is, they will try to keep you on the phone as long as possible to increase the charges. Unfortunately, when you get your phone bill, you'll often be charged more than $24,000!


The 809 area code is located in the British Virgin Islands (The Bahamas) The 809 area code can be used as a "pay-per-call" number, similar to 900 numbers in the U.S. Since 809 is not in the U.S., it is not covered by U.S. regulations of 900 numbers, which require that you be notified and warned of charges and rates involved when you call a "pay-per-call" number. There is also no requirement that the company provide a time period during which you may terminate the call without being charged. Further, whereas many U.S. phones have 900 number blocking to avoid these kinds of charges, 900 number blocking will not prevent calls to the 809 area code. We recommend that no matter how you get the message, if you are asked to call a number with an 809 area code that you don't recognize and/or investigate further and just disregard the message. Be wary of e-mail or calls asking you to call an 809 area code number. It's important to prevent becoming a victim of this scam, since trying to fight the charges afterwards can become a real nightmare. That's because you did actually make the call. If you complain, both your local phone company and your long distance carrier will not want to get involved and will most likely tell you that they are simply providing the billing for the foreign company. You'll end up dealing with a foreign company that argues they have done nothing wrong.

Things are about to get worse, because that infamous off-shore area code (809) is in the process of breaking up into smaller chunks, and you'll soon have to think twice about calling any of the following area codes: 242, 246, 264, 268, 284, 345, 441, 473, 664,758, 767, 784, 787, 868, 869, 876, as well as 809.

Better Business Bureau
National Fraud Information Center
AT&T's fraud information page

Friday, April 27th, 2001
8:00pm Pacific Time

- What I have been up to... -

Well, alot of nothing, basically. I have played alot of basketball and Starcraft. I have also done some updates on the Kart 64 site for the first time in forever. Heck, for the first time in my life, I busted out my taxes on time! I really felt for awhile, that I was gonna get a grip and get motivated, and moving in the right direction. So much for all of that! I am back to the usual here, where I barely care what happens next, and no motivation to change course. So many things bother me about the way things are going, it's unreal. I once asked myself why anyone would want to go through college or get themselves involved in so many things, that they never have a chance to enjoy what they got. This is very simple. It is so they eventually get somewhere they like, or at least feel they have. I've done alot of good things, don't get me wrong, but you get to a point where you just feel you've made your contributions. When you don't know where to go next, you just sit there, and when you look to the future, you see nothing. So much fails you in these times. Your job sux, your hobbies don't turn out how you hope, and any attempt to look at something in a positive way all rides on one thing going right or wrong. Times like these are very hard. Everyone likes to feel that they belong and that they have a purpose, and when one does not see that, it is very disheartening. Some people just like to have fun, anyway you can, but when things are no longer fun anymore, where do you turn? When the going gets tough, they say the tough get going, so I gotta ask myself how tough am I really? History says enough to see the next chapter, so knowing that, I know somehow I will make it out of this. I even lost motivation to update here, and the project to launch the site, but I think I'll regain that soon. The Blazers are absolutely sucking in the NBA, Every game I pick up, is going to the dogs, and there are constant reminders out there to keep any hope of confidence at a stand still.

I am getting in shape from the basketball though, and can play and not get hurt, so that is good. Plus, I did make tons of progress with the kart site, so I'm also happy about that. The problem is, the eithernet card on my computer is going out, I think, and that means that (sad enough), the place I feel most at home (the net), may have to be put on ice. What is there to turn to? My life has known gaming for 5 years. To change now would take a miracle, but than again, It took a miracle to have what I have now, so heres to miracles!

Saturday, April 28th, 2001
8:00pm Pacific Time

- Eithernet Card Going Out -

Yep, this is some bad news. I can only be online for X amount of time, than I get disconnected for no reason now. This really bothers me. Well til I save some money up, this problem is not gonna go away, so I will be working on my pages offline most likely.

Tuesday, May 15th, 2001
10:20pm Pacific Time

- I have returned -

Man, and just in time too. My site got one whole hit last week! I guess I better start getting some content here of some sort. I tell ya, the things that go on while I'm gone. Kart is still very alive, and William Lacey is into wearing dresses, I hear.

Seriously though, it is great to be back, cause it severly sucked to not be able to talk to you all about the many things on my mind at any given time. The work schedule got pretty insane, for awhile, when I was gone, but than it pretty much leveled off, and I had nothing I wanted to do. In a last ditch attempt to find meaning to life, I pick up the controller, and play some kart. Suprisingly, I bust out some great times for Mario Raceway, and with good timing too, cause Ben Miller would have had 2 fresh wins on me, if I didn't pull that off. I also beat Wilma (what I will be calling lacey for now on) on the course time. Just like to say that this old dawg can still play.

Other than that, I've just been figuring out where I want my life to go. I just am not sure yet, what I exactly want to do, but I do have plenty of things I'd like to try. I think I'll be catching up the kart page, and bust out some things on this page, and well see after that. I can say thoughts have gone through my mind, in more seriousness, than probably ever before. Is there more to life than video games? Not since 8/2/96, but maybe that is why this site project might be something I have needed to do for a long time!

Thursday, May 17th, 2001
10:20pm Pacific Time

- That Cuts It -

Well, I have not had a great 2 days. I have cut my hand, and have been low on sleep/food/patience. Also, I have lost my work equipment for a 2nd time in 2 days, so I'm just gonna lose it now. As you will see by my description of the events with Jason Whalls and Louis, that I just can't escape my anger management issues, and on the other hand, how imporant it is to have the right people making the right decisions at the right times. A lessen for you all here, so read and enjoy!

¤Kevin Booth¤ says: I just got pissed
¤Kevin Booth¤ says: this is the 2nd time I lost my pouch and machine holding belt
¤Kevin Booth¤ says: and it was in my bag of food I think
¤Kevin Booth¤ says: and my mom got into it
¤Kevin Booth¤ says: so I pretty much destroyed the house
¤Kevin Booth¤ says: 2nd day in a row to get messed with
¤Kevin Booth¤ says: not a happy camper
Louis767 says: hehehe
¤Kevin Booth¤ says: luckily m om was gone when I discovered this
Jason Whalls says: well booth
¤Kevin Booth¤ says: or things could have been very bad
Jason Whalls says: we need the story
¤Kevin Booth¤ says: ok
¤Kevin Booth¤ says: I was wanting some clam chowder
¤Kevin Booth¤ says: so I opened one up
¤Kevin Booth¤ says: it has a pop top style opener
¤Kevin Booth¤ says: it didn't open the whole way
¤Kevin Booth¤ says: and my hand flew off the pop top
¤Kevin Booth¤ says: and into the sharp lid of the can
¤Kevin Booth¤ says: cut fairly deep
¤Kevin Booth¤ says: and I saw dark blood coming
¤Kevin Booth¤ says: so I immediately sealed it with my hand
¤Kevin Booth¤ says: knowng my mom works at the hospital
¤Kevin Booth¤ says: I thought telling her was a good thing
¤Kevin Booth¤ says: boy was I wrong
¤Kevin Booth¤ says: she had me run it in cold water
¤Kevin Booth¤ says: and the thing kept bleeding
¤Kevin Booth¤ says: I told her to stop, cuase I'm gonna lose blood
¤Kevin Booth¤ says: and I've been on edge with all the work
¤Kevin Booth¤ says: and might faint
¤Kevin Booth¤ says: but NO
¤Kevin Booth¤ says: so I pull away
¤Kevin Booth¤ says: and beg someone to help me
¤Kevin Booth¤ says: than I feel light and I lean down
¤Kevin Booth¤ says: as I sit, I go for 2 seconds
¤Kevin Booth¤ says: and wake up
¤Kevin Booth¤ says: my mom is all like.. why are you acting so stupid
¤Kevin Booth¤ says: I was pissed
¤Kevin Booth¤ says: I go into the living room
¤Kevin Booth¤ says: and she is still going nuts
¤Kevin Booth¤ says: I tell her to leave
¤Kevin Booth¤ says: and for Jamie my brother to stay
¤Kevin Booth¤ says: anyhow
¤Kevin Booth¤ says: she would not listen
¤Kevin Booth¤ says: and kept being a spaz
¤Kevin Booth¤ says: I got so pissed
¤Kevin Booth¤ says: and I was feeling light headed dagain
¤Kevin Booth¤ says: so I had to act fast
¤Kevin Booth¤ says: I lost it, and I looked on the table
¤Kevin Booth¤ says: saw a baggy of lemondrops
¤Kevin Booth¤ says: I grabbed them, and threw that thing as hard as I could into my moms left shin
¤Kevin Booth¤ says: she crouched for a moment, than went back up straight
¤Kevin Booth¤ says: than I (********) cussed her out hardcore for not leaving when I wanted her to
¤Kevin Booth¤ says: and (********) told her to get out of here
¤Kevin Booth¤ says: and that she almost killed me I said
¤Kevin Booth¤ says: she left and slammed the door
¤Kevin Booth¤ says: than later, she returns, and makes some stupid comment about wanting us out
¤Kevin Booth¤ says: oh man, I really (********) let her have it then
¤Kevin Booth¤ says: I told her she was so in the wrong
¤Kevin Booth¤ says: and my life was on the line, and your hospital experience almost (********) put me in the damn (********) hospital
¤Kevin Booth¤ says: I'm still pissed
¤Kevin Booth¤ says: now I'm more pissed
¤Kevin Booth¤ says: cause now I've lost my work equipment again
¤Kevin Booth¤ says: my 2nd spare set
¤Kevin Booth¤ says: and this time, I know she had to be responcible
¤Kevin Booth¤ says: unless Tyler took it
¤Kevin Booth¤ says: and I can't get ahold of him
¤Kevin Booth¤ says: anyhow, you guys can talk now
¤Kevin Booth¤ says: but ya
Jason Whalls says: man
Louis767 says: man...
¤Kevin Booth¤ says: I taped this sucker up
¤Kevin Booth¤ says: and played basketball with it
Jason Whalls says: so how is it now?
¤Kevin Booth¤ says: it's a cut that should get stitches
¤Kevin Booth¤ says: it doesn't bleed anymore
¤Kevin Booth¤ says: but it's gonna take over a week to even heal
¤Kevin Booth¤ says: I know this for sure
Jason Whalls says: where on the hand?
¤Kevin Booth¤ says: I also worked with it too
¤Kevin Booth¤ says: left hand about an inch away from pinky
¤Kevin Booth¤ says: it is a up to down cut
¤Kevin Booth¤ says: length would be of a dimes
¤Kevin Booth¤ says: and the thinckness of a quarter at the middle of it
¤Kevin Booth¤ says: dept is probably severe 2nd degree
¤Kevin Booth¤ says: anyhow, not good stuff
¤Kevin Booth¤ says: the cut is bad
¤Kevin Booth¤ says: and it pissed me off, cause I disabled myself
Jason Whalls says: yeah, sounds pretty not good
¤Kevin Booth¤ says: but moreover is my moms reaction to it
¤Kevin Booth¤ says: and what it took for me to get her off my back
¤Kevin Booth¤ says: and this folks
¤Kevin Booth¤ says: and I repeat
Jason Whalls says: well, what was she doing that was so annoying?
¤Kevin Booth¤ says: THIS IS WHY I PLAY VIDEO GAMES, and screw the rest of the world
¤Kevin Booth¤ says: she was making me so nervous
¤Kevin Booth¤ says: speaking loud and nervously
¤Kevin Booth¤ says: and not listening to me
¤Kevin Booth¤ says: and her poor decision caused me to faint
¤Kevin Booth¤ says: and she called me stupid for fainting
¤Kevin Booth¤ says: so this is not what I want in a crunch situation
Jason Whalls says: sounds like a pretty messy situation all around
¤Kevin Booth¤ says: ya, literally
¤Kevin Booth¤ says: just called Tylers house
¤Kevin Booth¤ says: he's asleep so I can't find out if he has my pouch
¤Kevin Booth¤ says: talked to Mindy for a bit
¤Kevin Booth¤ says: yes, the award becomes me

You are having temporary network problems and are no longer in this conversation.

¤Kevin Booth¤ says:
¤Kevin Booth¤ says:
¤Kevin Booth¤ says:
I'm not in conver?
¤Kevin Booth¤ says:

Anyhow, I think this is what I'm gonna launch the site with. I will include followup comments on this conversation at a later time. If you have anything you'd like to say on this, or comments you have on the site, email me at

Monday, August 20th, 2001
1:09pm Pacific Time

- I KNOW, it's been too long -

Well here I am! All the old news if you even care can be found in the past updates archive. I really couldn't begin to tell you what has happened since the cut hand update. Mostly, my last stab at alot of video games, and worked picked up for awhile. Also, I have had my breaking point with the way my life is going, so once I get siutated here, it's time to change how I conduct my business. I plan on giving people a reason to pay attention, cause I am not gonna be my usual predictible self.

As part of this plan, I have initiated more instant messages than usual, and that includes NON-GAMERS! Amazingly, this has been very successful lately, and I have had them return the favor at times. I am doing this as part of my personal recovery plan. However, I plan on expanding this past the computer. I think one advisor is gonna get a small suprise soon, but I am gonna focus on work the next 2 days first.

I hope to be giving this site some more news updates, especially when anything out of the ordinary happens. I'll talk about the usual stuff going on, like my car that I kicked a dent into when it stopped working, or the starcraft games I lose, or whatever. Hopefully, I can think of plenty of non-gaming stuff too, and really have fun with things at this site, so you have a reason to go here. Also, to anyone interested, I would be open to making sections for people that have a fun idea to try.

Tuesday, August 21th, 2001
2:49pm Pacific Time


I think the lesson I have for all of you today, is that when you do something that you feel is totally worthless, or irrelevant (smarterchild told me it's spelled right, so quit giving me grief over my bad spelling), the activy is, you never know when the tides will turn, and that knowlege you gain from that so-called "worthless" activity, can be applied to an important function in your life. This occured for me today.

Ok, on a few occasions, I'm minding my own business, it the BAT CAVE of a room I have, when Burbs knocks on the door from the backyard. I am pretty startled and all, but I loop around and see what he wants. He suprises me and says he just wants to drive somewhere, and for no reason. I was bored, so I agreed, but I sure thought it was an absolute waste of my time, other than that, cause I really didn't feel like talking, and I more was into sleeping at this point.

Anyhow, instead of taking the freeways, He takes these very strange backroads. I keep thinking why in the world he even wants to go to these places, cause these directions are very inefficent. I did enjoy seeing some roads that I haven't in awhile, and I was able to lighten up a bit, and just sorta relax as the car just goes all over the place.

Hours later, I do get back, and we finish off our usual chats with whatever is on our mind, and away I go to do whatever I was gonna do before. Now, you must all be thinking where any of that stuff would be remotely useful in some tangible way. Well, here is where the suprise hits.

My El Camino broke down again, and all my ride options were exhaused, so the best option seemed to bicycle ride about 15+ miles to my work destination. Now, as you know, they don't like you on the freeways with your bike, so I was taking sideroads. Well, I'd have no idea which ones to take, if it wasn't for Burbs taking me on those rides I once presumed WORTHLESS.

Ok, getting off the subject, I ride home after a short 3 hour gig doing the backroom of a Krap-Mart (pun of Kmart, duh), and it wasn't a few miles into it that I see my dad in his truck turn off to a side road. Well, I know he doesn't go down crap roads for no reason, cause he was a truck driver. He knows his way around this area, so I figured he isn't gonna go far. I chase him down many blocks on my bike, and onto a few roads, and go talk to him. I got a ride him, and my car towed! I tell ya, luck happens, but only when you NEED it, not when you WANT it.

- Oh ya, I guess I'm updating this site again; call the calvary! -

Ok, well see how long this lasts, but I'm gonna rededicate myself to this site. I will be emailing about everyone and seeing if anyone really cares and stuff. Last time I did that, I got about 30+ hits the day I did, so I hope to get the same repeat performance. Seriously though, I would like some emails this time to, and if you have something you would like to see tried on this site, I might be open to the idea. Anyhow, was that an appropriate use of a semi-colon in that subject title? SIMMONS?? NG?? :):):)

Wednesday, August 22nd+ Thursday, August 23rd, 2001
2:49pm Pacific Time

- Real Gross In Sloppy (RGIS) -

Which means, I did a K-Mart inventory! I started out the day counting checkouts (um, that stuff that is right next to where you pay for your goods). I later moved to Home And Beauty Aids (HABA... um like the stuff you use to maintain your good looks, if your not me). Than I counted Books, than off to gardening, and finally, I finished by counting clearance wallpaper and automotive crap, followed by a sporting goods wall, and also a life jacket/clothes isle. Yes, that was a horribly ran on sentance, but oh well. Ok, some funny stuff now.

When I was in HABA, I found myself counting... um CONDOMS, and well, they weren't going to my machine. I sure as hell am not calling a sku check on condoms. If you thought the torture couldn't get any worse, I had to count... ROMANCE NOVELS! Oh just kill me now. Anyhow, the gardening stuff was better, and the rest of it afterwards was ok. Anyhow, comments Tyler and I made.

Kev: Man, it's pure torture. I had to count condoms and Romance Novels.
Tyler: That sounds like entertainment to me.
Kev: Not if you read between the lines.
Tyler: Special on condoms, 2 for 1, which means females can have 1 more guy tonight.
Tyler: Unless the girl sucks.

He than meantions the punchline works in both ways. Sometimes his jokes don't make sense, but he did do a good job with this session and a few ohters today. Yes, wehn working at a Krap-Mart, you go insane, and you are imspired to do some weird stuff on your 11-hour days.

- Sad Reality -

I just love proving people wrong. Burbs just seems to think that I'm no different than him, and even better, cause I'm taller and that is what women want. Well, what do I have to do to prove him wrong? Well I guess this one chick needs a date for friday. So against my better judgement, I do this whole stupid sequence for burbs to prove him wrong. I absolutely can't stand females that have only one purpose to talk to guys online, and that is so they can be with this cute guy that they can feel important around. It's just discusting, and I know I'm not the one, so if I even suspect that is what is true, than this means it is a waste of my time, and it is a waste of their time. So, I prove to Burbs yet again why I'm the advice guy, and why he's the student.

My Fellow Student (8:26:22 PM): booth
My Fellow Student (8:26:25 PM): ru still around?
My Fellow Student (8:27:10 PM): !
My Fellow Student (8:27:45 PM): booth, i really need to talk to you right now
My Fellow Student (8:29:06 PM): IM ************
My Fellow Student (8:29:15 PM): its in aol

Glitchman1 (8:39:20 PM): hi, I my friend said to IM you
stereotypicalmaterialwhore (8:39:33 PM): hi there whats up
Glitchman1 (8:39:37 PM): nothing much
stereotypicalmaterialwhore (8:39:46 PM): how old are you? :-)
Glitchman1 (8:39:47 PM): just recovering from work
Glitchman1 (8:39:50 PM): 23
stereotypicalmaterialwhore (8:40:01 PM): what do you do for a living?
Glitchman1 (8:40:10 PM): I am an auditor for RGIS
Glitchman1 (8:40:13 PM): I inventory stores
stereotypicalmaterialwhore (8:40:15 PM): right on :-)
stereotypicalmaterialwhore (8:40:18 PM): do you have a picture?
Glitchman1 (8:40:25 PM): ya, I got a couple around
stereotypicalmaterialwhore (8:40:38 PM): may i see em? :-)
Glitchman1 (8:40:47 PM): I don't see what harm it could do
Glitchman1 (8:40:57 PM): one from about 2 years ago is at my homepage
Glitchman1 (8:41:05 PM):
Glitchman1 (8:41:29 PM): my friend sorta called me and told me to IM you, but not much else, so I figured since he said I would, I figured I better
stereotypicalmaterialwhore (8:41:51 PM): lol well, im lookin for a cute date for friday nite...
stereotypicalmaterialwhore (8:41:57 PM): and he said you might be interested in takin me out
Glitchman1 (8:42:03 PM): well I hope you find one
stereotypicalmaterialwhore (8:42:04 PM): its a double date...i had one, but he cancelled
Glitchman1 (8:42:13 PM): I don't htink you should have much problem
Glitchman1 (8:42:32 PM): and well, I may have a slight problem with thta plan
stereotypicalmaterialwhore (8:42:32 PM): well, no im not havin a problem, just askin around
stereotypicalmaterialwhore (8:42:40 PM): why, whats the problem?
Glitchman1 (8:42:40 PM): Burbs doesn't think that foar ahead
Glitchman1 (8:42:46 PM): he forgot that my car broke down
Glitchman1 (8:42:49 PM): a couple days ago
stereotypicalmaterialwhore (8:42:52 PM): uh oh that sucks
Glitchman1 (8:42:59 PM): still, if push comes to shove
Glitchman1 (8:43:05 PM): ya never know what I can get done by friday

I'm such a great guy. I am honest, I am sociable, but why no text after this? Simple, look at my pic. She saw that shit, and didn't talk to me again. Now, I bet you are wondering if I was a different person, would it make a difference. My theory is that I'd get her to date me, and Burbs thought I was being irrational and that was not why, and her comp crashed or whatever. Well Burbs, you are my student.. LEARN!

Greg4PhunONE: hey
I foam over fake cute guys:: hi there
Greg4PhunONE: a/s/l
I foam over fake cute guys:: 21 f eugene
Greg4PhunONE: 20/m/springfield
I foam over fake cute guys:: got a pic?
Greg4PhunONE: ya
Greg4PhunONE: you wanna see?
I foam over fake cute guys:: yes splease
Greg4PhunONE: sorry about that, my computer was a bit slow there
Greg4PhunONE: it should have reached you
Greg4PhunONE: I just got that one done.. I did my hair, and I was quite proud of it, so I just had to
Greg4PhunONE: so you got a pic?
I foam over fake cute guys:: yes i do
I foam over fake cute guys:: cute pic..
I foam over fake cute guys:: i bet your a good lay
Greg4PhunONE: well, i don't like to brag
Greg4PhunONE: ;)
I foam over fake cute guys:: hehe
Greg4PhunONE: anyhow, I bet your such a cutie
Greg4PhunONE: may I see your pic?
I foam over fake cute guys:: u got mail
Greg4PhunONE: wow, I was right
I foam over fake cute guys:: how tall are you? :)
I foam over fake cute guys:: and thanks hehe
Greg4PhunONE: 5'10 1/2
Greg4PhunONE: I especially like that picture to the right of you
I foam over fake cute guys:: where did you go to highschool?
I foam over fake cute guys:: im 21
Greg4PhunONE: I didn't go to high school around here
Greg4PhunONE: I just moved here from San Diego
I foam over fake cute guys:: right on :)
Greg4PhunONE: I went to PHHS
Greg4PhunONE: good old Patrick Henry
I foam over fake cute guys:: do, are you lookin to date girls..?
Greg4PhunONE: Our Cheerleaders Rocked, and were on ESPN
I foam over fake cute guys:: kick ass :)
Greg4PhunONE: yes, actually I am
I foam over fake cute guys:: friend wants me to double date with him and this girl hes seeing...but my date cancelled...
I foam over fake cute guys:: do you wanna help me out and replace him? ;)
I foam over fake cute guys:: its for tomorow nite
Greg4PhunONE: I've love to
Greg4PhunONE: I'd v Greg4PhunONE: sounds like a blast
I foam over fake cute guys:: what do you do for a living...? :)
I foam over fake cute guys:: ok, that would be great then :)
I foam over fake cute guys:: we were thinkin andrew smash downtown..
I foam over fake cute guys:: or if you had a better suggestion
Greg4PhunONE: na, I think that is a great suggestion, if I say so myself
I foam over fake cute guys:: are you a vegetarian? :)
Greg4PhunONE: well not exclusively
I foam over fake cute guys:: dont worry im not either
I foam over fake cute guys:: was just curious
Greg4PhunONE: always a good question
Greg4PhunONE: because you need to know if someone can eat something
Greg4PhunONE: I think that is very observant of you
Greg4PhunONE: your not only cute, but smart too!
I foam over fake cute guys:: thanks :)
Greg4PhunONE: I call them as I see them
I foam over fake cute guys:: so, what time is good for you tomorow? :)
Greg4PhunONE: Anytime really
I foam over fake cute guys:: do you have a car...?
Greg4PhunONE: yep
I foam over fake cute guys:: ok cool
Greg4PhunONE: so what time you think is good?
I foam over fake cute guys:: well, the three of us are going to be going to barnes and noble tomorow....wanna meet us there?
Greg4PhunONE: sure
Greg4PhunONE: that is by VRC, isn't it?
I foam over fake cute guys:: yes
Greg4PhunONE: kewl, I just wanted to make sure
Greg4PhunONE: what time are you gonna be there?
I foam over fake cute guys:: how bout if i meet you out front at 2:45
I foam over fake cute guys:: im a bigger girl just to let you know....i dont know if you can tell in my pics or not....just dont want you to think your meeting a skinny redhead girl....
Greg4PhunONE: I don't like girls thin
Greg4PhunONE: it's discusting
Greg4PhunONE: their bones stick out
Greg4PhunONE: just so ya know
Greg4PhunONE: my last girlfriend was over 200 lbs
Greg4PhunONE: and she had a body that wouldn't stop
Greg4PhunONE: and 2:45 is great
I foam over fake cute guys:: ok, well i will be standing with a guy with dark haired guy and a dark haired girl...and im a redhead
I foam over fake cute guys:: my hairs shorter now
Greg4PhunONE: alright, I will keep that in mind
I foam over fake cute guys:: quarter to three would be even better ;-)
I foam over fake cute guys:: hehe
Greg4PhunONE: and a sense of humor to boot
I foam over fake cute guys:: what is your name by the way...?
Greg4PhunONE: you must be so much fun
Greg4PhunONE: Greg
I foam over fake cute guys:: yeah we are all comedians
I foam over fake cute guys:: tomorows gonna be fun
I foam over fake cute guys:: hehe
I foam over fake cute guys:: my names Jenni
I foam over fake cute guys:: and the girl we are gonna be hangin out with tomorow is named Jen
I foam over fake cute guys:: so, it might be confusing for a little bit
Greg4PhunONE: I'm great with names
Greg4PhunONE: well just have a good laugh over that name closeness
I foam over fake cute guys:: so what kinda car will you be in?
I foam over fake cute guys:: i have 92 ford tauras, grey
Greg4PhunONE: 80 Chevy Camaro
I foam over fake cute guys:: cool what color
Greg4PhunONE: Silver
I foam over fake cute guys:: cool :)
I foam over fake cute guys:: wow, well this is gonna be good, you brought a smile to my face :)
Greg4PhunONE: I'm glad to have done that for you
Greg4PhunONE: I love making girls happy
I foam over fake cute guys:: so when doyou turn 21
Greg4PhunONE: september, 15th
I foam over fake cute guys:: cancers are better ;)
Greg4PhunONE: well, they are very passionate
Greg4PhunONE: still though, if I wans't a virgo, would I have been able to tell how observant you are?
I foam over fake cute guys:: so i see you like horoscopes
I foam over fake cute guys:: do you like tarot cards too? :)
Greg4PhunONE: well, I'm around people that like them
I foam over fake cute guys:: i like them
Greg4PhunONE: I just like seeing how close it is to how I really am... suprisingly, pretty close
I foam over fake cute guys:: there are lots of decks that are so beautiful
I foam over fake cute guys:: yep, my horoscope is like me
Greg4PhunONE: my brother is a cancer
Greg4PhunONE: so I know of just how intense they can be, and how that makes stuff so much more exciting
I foam over fake cute guys:: hehe
I foam over fake cute guys:: so what brought you to eugene?
Greg4PhunONE: well, it just was one of those things
Greg4PhunONE: I had to get away and was bored with SD
Greg4PhunONE: and man, I love the scenery here
I foam over fake cute guys:: yeah, its really beautiful here
I foam over fake cute guys:: ive lived my entire life
I foam over fake cute guys:: i visited california.....and i was like whoa! where are the trees! whats with the brown mountains..ack, whats with the air
I foam over fake cute guys:: lol
Greg4PhunONE: he he he
Greg4PhunONE: ya, up north, there are trees
Greg4PhunONE: BIG ones at that
Greg4PhunONE: so many don't realize that
I foam over fake cute guys:: i had a friend who was from escondido
Greg4PhunONE: ok
Greg4PhunONE: I hate to let you go babes, but I am so tired
Greg4PhunONE: I just want to talk to you all night
Greg4PhunONE: but I need some sleep
I foam over fake cute guys:: thats ok..i understand, we have plans for tomorow though :)
Greg4PhunONE: so 2:45, right?
I foam over fake cute guys:: so, i will plan on seein ya
I foam over fake cute guys:: yep exactly :)
I foam over fake cute guys:: i will be waitin out front
I foam over fake cute guys:: i hope you like books :)
Greg4PhunONE: oh ya, you will see ME
Greg4PhunONE: ya, I read from time to time
Greg4PhunONE: i should read more anyhow
I foam over fake cute guys:: ok, well i will talk to you tomorow then, have a good nite...sleep well :)
Greg4PhunONE: anyhow later, and I'll see ya tomorrow, and I will!
I foam over fake cute guys:: ok, nite nite :)

There you go, solid proof. It isn't more obvious than that. I know you all didn't like that, but it was revenge, and she deserved it. I'm tried of being opressed by chicks than think they can just hurt guys that mean well. This is for guys like me man. AMEN!

- Barnes And Humbled -

Ok, a small update. Burbs didn't want to experience this little mystery, so I let him in on the story, and told him he doesn't have to give me a ride. My brother got his van working, and was bored, so I gave him $10 for some gas, and we busted this out. Sure as hell, she arrived on time. I got there about 8 minutes early. Funny thing is, Jamie saw her first. Well, she was definitely looking for the guy (thanx again Zeldagames guy for that pic, you rock!) that was supposed to meet her there. I was watching her for a long time. Man, she was like 100lbs fatter t han even in her pic. Isn't that sad that I'm not even attractive enough for 300 pounders? :( Anyhow, I even passed right under her, and of course, praying she doesn't fall on me, and she did not even get suspicious. Mostly, her and her 2 friends just waited for like ever, and eventually left. Ya, I thought I might be a bit in your face, but I decided to just settle for wasting her time, so friday has to be delayed. Well, I got my revenge, so it's time for me to end this sillyness and move on. Don't worry, I don't plan to make a habit of this. I just wanted to prove a point to Burbs, and get a point for all us opressed persons! :)

Friday, August 24th, 2001
2:49pm Pacific Time

- Semi-Eventful -

Well, some fun developments. After that really fun stood-up revenge session, it's time for me yet again to go through even more realizations. Well, in the last week, I've had both my oldest brother, and another one of my friends state that I have nothing in common with them. It's sorta sad, because everyone assumes since i'm good at video games, and that was what I was doing alot, that It was my only interest, and that I really don't care about anything else. It is really sad, cause all my gaming and online buddys know that to be so incorrect.

It's just so strange. I find myself trying to get back in touch with people, and I guess since I didn't make things so obvious, or I just didn't seem too exciting, I have lost out. It really is sad, but well, it's not over, until it's over, so you just pick up your stuff, and get to work, and that is what I am going to do.

So far, that PIP has been delayed for awhile, but I'll keep firing away on it, when I'm not sidetracked by an occasional need to pick up a video game. If anyone wants something to do, put SmarterChild on your buddylist on AIM. 13 Days online, and counting for this new line of active buddy bots. There are a few others, but this one is my favorite so far. You can even get definitions, have your horrisope read, and even carry on somewhat of a coherant conversation, that is if, you have a little bit of a sense of humor.

Well that is all for today. Time to rest my starcraft headache.

Sunday, August 26th, 2001
10:49pm Pacific Time

- A Time To Reflect -

Many of you are either ending your summer thinking about what your gonna do next, or missing somebody doing just that. It's a time for change folks, and a time of reflecting on what has gone on all year. It is also a time to say goodbye to yesterday, and hopefully hello to the many oppurtunities that are to follow, if you are game.

What is next you may ask? Only time will tell, and only through your own motivation will you get where you want to be. How does one go on after all they have been through? Was that truly as good as it gets, or is there life after all that you valued was not quite what you expected. Are you excited about the new oppurtunities, or are you still stuck in the past, like an exhibit. Will passers by, be amazed of what you used to be, or mock potential unmet.

Tomorrow is a new day, and it's never too late until you die, they say. Question is, are you game?

- Ya, Nothing Much -

Just like to say for those that acutally view this page that the new location for the kart site is at Also, it appears that most people feel that chick got her just deserts. I still feel bad about doing all of that, and I don't plan of making a habit of role playing out my ID, so don't worry about that. Yes, I still plan on working on my top 10 Conver idea, and much much more! I just need some motivation. I got 3 days of work on their way, but after that, it's gonna be pretty boring around here, so hopefully, things pick up. Sunburns suck, and it really sux when your arm gets so sore from throwing, that your whole arm is sore, and not just the top of it. That happened from 2 hard days of throwing. I'll be trying to set some last kart scores for the book I suppose. I'll see if I can get myself some NTSC WRs :)

Wednesday, September 12th, 2001
10:49pm Pacific Time

- Sprained Ankles Suck -

Well, I was playing some 21 with my older brother, and this one dude that played varsity at the local high school last year, when this happened. I went to block my brothers shot, and I clumsely stepped on his foot, and there it turns. It's about the grossest thing alive. I haven't had the privilege of doing this lately, but it used to be nearly a daily occurance my senior year in high school. I can't get over how crippled you feel, and how stupid you look when you do in your ankle. You feel like such a wimp, ya know?

- Birhday Reminder -

For those that want to send me something nice (ya right), send as much cash as you can by September 15th, at approximately 8:07am, cause I will have made it 24 years on this plane. Ya know, since I got older, birthdays sorta lose meaning. They are really just like any other day to me, but if you want to be extra nice to me during it, I'm all for it, cause we call can use a few kind words.


What can I say about all of this anyhow? I did make a small statement at the Kart 64 Players Page, but I feel until this whole event unfolds a bit more, it's premature to belt out any strong feelings on this subject. I am glad that we can all remain strong, and are more dedicated than ever to being there for eachother in this time of crisis. I must admit, I can barely resist that temptation to want to blow everything in the middle east up with one press of the button, but I will try to remain calm, and keep myself under control for everyones sake. Anyhow, has been doing a good job placing the links up that are important, so instead of waiting for me to comment on all the seprate events, just check that out.

I am glad to say that alot of people that I know from Gaming are A-Ok after all that went down. Robert the Twin Galaxies Refree was so close to this whole thing, it wasn't even funny, but he is just fine. I think tragedys like this will always show just how we can all pull together, when we can find a reason to put down our differences, and work together. This is something I feel we should do more often!

Wednesday, September 14th, 2001
10:49pm Pacific Time

- The "Real" World Is Not All It's Cracked Up To Be -

Once again, I argued with one of my advisors about why in the world I spend all this time online, and I don't try to do anything away from my house. I basically to him that each time I do, I'm greatly disappointed. The people I meet I find unstimuating, and everyone just can really give a crap about you. Heck, one of the local gals around here just admitted to cheating on her guy. I saw it coming, but well, that is just that. The more I run into this, the more I just want to be on here, and talk to you people. I like the net. We can be way more open, and just chat. It doesn't matter what we look like, only that we have proven that the art of conversation is not dead. We can communicate and enjoy various activites. I like it on here, and there just isn't anything to offer out there, as far as I'm concerned.

- For All You Bomb-Happy people... -

A little something I got forwarded. Finally something worth my damn time to read.

Dear Friends,

The following was sent to me by my friend Tamim Ansary. Tamim is an Afghani-American writer. He is also one of the most brilliant people I know in this life. When he writes, I read. When he talks, I listen. Here is his take on Afghanistan and the whole mess we are in.

- Gary T.


Dear Gary and whoever else is on this email thread:

I've been hearing a lot of talk about "bombing Afghanistan back to the Stone Age." Ronn Owens, on KGO Talk Radio today, allowed that this would mean killing innocent people, people who had nothing to do with this atrocity, but "we're at war, we have to accept collateral damage. What else can we do?" Minutes later I heard some TV pundit discussing whether we "have the belly to do what must be done."

And I thought about the issues being raised especially hard because I am from Afghanistan, and, even though I've lived here for 35 years, I've never lost track of what's going on there. So I want to tell anyone who will listen how it all looks from where I'm standing.

I speak as one who hates the Taliban and Osama Bin Laden. There is no doubt in my mind that these people were responsible for the atrocity in New York. I agree that something must be done about those monsters. But the Taliban and Bin Laden are not Afghanistan. They're not even the government of Afghanistan. The Taliban are a cult of ignorant psychotics who took over Afghanistan in 1997. Bin Laden is a political criminal with a plan. When you think Taliban, think Nazi SS. When you think Bin Laden, think Hitler. And when you think "the people of Afghanistan" think "the Jews in the concentration camps." It's not only that the Afghan people had nothing to do with this atrocity. They were the first victims of the perpetrators. They would exult if someone would come in there, take out the Taliban and clear out the rat's nest of international thugs holed up in their country.

Some say, why don't the Afghans rise up and overthrow the Taliban?

The answer is, they're starved, exhausted, hurt, incapacitated, suffering. A few years ago, the United Nations estimated that there are 500,000 disabled orphans in Afghanistan--a country with no economy, no food. There are millions of widows. And the Taliban has been burying these widows alive in mass graves. The soil is littered with land mines, the farms were all destroyed by the Soviets. These are a few of the reasons why the Afghan people have not overthrown the Taliban.

We come now to the question of bombing Afghanistan back to the Stone Age. Trouble is, that's been done. The Soviets took care of it already. Make the Afghans suffer? They're already suffering. Level their houses? Done. Turn their schools into piles of rubble? Done. Eradicate their hospitals? Done.

Destroy their infrastructure? Cut them off from medicine and health care? Too late. Someone already did all that.

New bombs would only stir the rubble of earlier bombs. Would they at least get the Taliban? Not likely. In today's Afghanistan, only the Taliban eat, only they have the means to move around. They'd slip away and hide. Maybe the bombs would get some of those disabled orphans, they don't move too fast, they don't even have wheelchairs. But flying over Kabul and dropping bombs wouldn't really be a strike against the criminals who did this horrific thing. Actually it would only be making common cause with the Taliban--by raping once again the people they've been raping all this time

So what else is there? What can be done, then? Let me now speak with true fear and trembling. The only way to get Bin Laden is to go in there

with ground troops. When people speak of "having the belly to do what needs to be done" they're thinking in terms of having the belly to kill as many as needed. Having the belly to overcome any moral qualms about killing innocent people. Let's pull our heads out of the sand. What's actually on the table is Americans dying. And not just because some Americans would die fighting their way through Afghanistan to Bin Laden's hideout. It's much bigger than that, folks. Because to get any troops to Afghanistan, we'd have to go through Pakistan. Would they let us? Not likely. The conquest of Pakistan would have to be first. Will other Muslim nations just stand by? You see where I'm going. We're flirting with a world war between Islam and the West.

And guess what: that's Bin Laden's program. That's exactly what he wants. That's why he did this. Read his speeches and statements. It's all right there. He really believes Islam would beat the West. It might

seem ridiculous, but he figures if he can polarize the world into Islam and the West, he's got a billion soldiers. If the West wreaks a holocaust in those lands, that's a billion people with nothing left to lose; even better from Bin Laden's point of view. He's probably wrong, in the end the West would win, whatever that would mean, but the war would last for years and millions would die, not just theirs but ours. Who has the belly for that? Bin Laden does. Anyone else? ~ Tamim Ansary
- More Words on the Tragedy -

Well, I think I have listened enough, and talked to others, so I can express more feelings on this matter. Really, I don't feel too overly different than before. I don't think nuking everything in site is the answer, but doing nothing is not the answer either. It's sad that it took this many lives lost to get action, but I am glad that it has shown how strong we all are, when we need to be. I guess if a few lives are lost over in Afganistan, well, we do what we gotta do. I think it's unfortunite anytime we have to take life, but if we want a nation, and we want to live the quality of life we currently are, that is what we do.

It's an amazing time, that is for sure. Bush has some of the best approval ratings in history, cause of his strong stance and rallying cries. This is indeed an oppurtunity to shine. This is what makes or breaks a president, that is for sure, and he will get some serious grey, in the next years, as all presidents do. I remember how young Clinton looked when he first was president, and how old he looked leaving. Not only cause of the 8 years spent, but becuase of all the pressures just wear a person out. This office of prestige is not one to take lightly, that is for sure.

"Wars" usually drive up the stock market, but so far, the Dow took the biggest hit in a week span in history during the tragedy. This if course, was for obvious reasons. Already being in a "recession" as they say, and the fact that they targeted the WTC and all, this should have been expected. I'm alarmed at how fear runs the market now, like no tomorrow. Too bad I wasn't selling short this whole time, especially on priceline, cause I'd be a millionare by now! :) Anyhow, the Dow did go up nearly 400 today, so maybe some good news on the way, but maybe it's just a small recovery, who knows. Anyhow, Good old Lynch says that betting against america is a bad idea. With company profits and stock index prices going up 60 fold each. Anyhow, who knows, but I think if this turns into a war in the common sense, instead of just a war on terrorism, well see the market turn around quick!

So what is next? I couldn't tell you, but I am taking the words that Bush said in the address seriously. I am ready for some big news soon, and I'm sure were all ready to do what we gotta do to live the lives we want to live.

Monday, September 24th, 2001
10:49pm Pacific Time


I tell ya, it's a good time to be an Oregonian! Not only does Oregon win a nail biter with 12 seconds to go, but we win MISS AMERICA! Was that the first time ever that Oregon won? Anyhow, this made for some interesting talk at my moms workplace at sacred heart. Since there was a football player that had to be removed by a stretcher from that glorious game, my mom was having a hard time finding out how "OREGON" did. She of course, means Miss Oregon, but everyone thinks she means the University Of Oregon, cause geez, who isn't a ducks fan around here? Oh ya, Tyler, you prison uniform beaver. anyhow, Saturday Rocked for Oregon!

- Peer Presure = GBA+MKSC -

Yep, I just couldn't take it anymore, and I just had to get the game boy advance, and Mario Kart Super Circuit. If you wish to keep track of my progress, I do have my profile and the site I choose to use at my gaming section. It seems the early favorite here is no suprise to me. Jason Whalls has most the WRs, but he does have some notable competition. One of these is Nicholas Clementy, which has strut his stuff on SMK for quite some time. So where does this leave me? Well, I guess I won't be as dominant as I was in Kart 64, but I'll participate, and give it my all, I figure.

I now know why I never bought handheld systems. In fact, I have quite a few reasons why I have never bought one in my life. One thing I'm glad doesn't hold true here, is that this is at least less expensive than the upcoming Cube, but what can I say about that. Anyhow...

1. For once in my life, I am actually purposefully finding new light sources, instead of putting blankets over the windows to reduce glare.
2. Throwing A Controller in this situation is not an option. I have to throw the whole system, and game included.
3. The Screens can be scratched.
4. The Lights that you can buy are very hard to keep in place, and they glare back to you on the screen.
5. While it is a nice travel companion, if I do take it with me, I constantly have to worry about damaging it in my pocket, or someone stealing the thing.
6. The screen is so tiny.
7. I swear holding up this heavy things is gonna give me some problem with my wrist.
8. Finding other players for GP/VS/Battle is gonna be something I'm pretty hard pressed to do, concidering my average competition is 1000s of miles away.
9. If a button goes bad, I don't think I'll be trying to fix it myself this time!

Wednesday, September 26th, 2001
9:30pm Pacific Time


Who said we are supposed to work in the morning and sleep at night? Well, they are full of it. Ok, 2:30 and 3:00am is early to get up, but 7am shouldn't be. Still, each time I do this, I find myself sleeping 2-3 hours at a time, at the most, cause my body wants deep sleep from 3-8am at night. Mornings are just a losing proposition for me, that is for sure.

- Treating Life Like An RPG -

Ya, I'm seeing how this is working. In the last couple days, I've talked to about everyone I've came acrossed (online of course, I'm not quite that outgoing). Anyhow, I'm not sure if it's paying off quite yet. It's not like my Kart Buddies that always IM me. I seem to have to keep IMing them, or I never hear from them. My old policy was to not bother with anyone that doesn't bother to IM me first, but I'm giving this a try, cause I feel this may open me up to more interesting topics and so forth down the road.

- MKSC -

All I can say is, playing with that light in a moving vehicle, with bad shocks, is a losing proposition. However, I do fine in the day time in the vehicle. I set some fairly decent times, but I just don't know the correct strats yet, so it appears I'm gonna do horrible for awhile. I think I'll update that profile real quick, so you can all see my progress, than I will call it a night.


Had some interesting 2v2s yesterday. Gota and I teamed up against Viper and Pepsitle. First game was close, but Gota is not so good with terran and never got an expansion off, so we lost. We did some decent attacks on viper, but when Viper gets the map control going, it's a lost cause, I figure. The 2nd game was kewl though. I saw there were these ledges on top of my main, so I knew I'd get tank dropped early, so I quickly tek'd up to reavers, and got some DT just in case viper decided to tank drop me. I slowed down pep with a reaver drop, than vacated the scene. As expected, Viper got me with some tanks, but he did very little damage, cause I was ready for it. Gota did a drop on him too, but he messed it up bad. I came in with a reaver and 2 dt, and Viper promptly said, "I can't concentrate", than he left the game.

Wednesday, September 30th, 2001
1:19am Pacific Time

- The Family Man -

I decided to take in this movie, instead of my normal gaming antics tonight. Basically, it's one of those alternate time line plots. Basically, what if you decided to take a different path or make a different choice at a given time? Think about how this applies to you, for a second. You take some key events in your life. Now think about how different it could have been the other way. These are some of the things you think about when you watch this movie. I will say it wasn't a perfect movie, but worth the time. I wouldn't say it was a "comedy" like marked, but it had it's good moments. I think they made stuff too complicated at times, but I understood just fine. I did like most the plot ideas too, like how the one kid handled him, and stuff like that. Anyhow, would you be a better person if you take the path less taken? You may never know!

- AIM PROFILE of Burbs' Random IM -

Finally, this window pretty much sums it up....


Good, cause if that is your attitude, the feeling is mutual, you cold sole!

unless you are an attractive



I think I qualify




Most claim I am, so I believe them.


About some things, but highly doubt what you want me to be that about.

have a promising future

That is pretty up in the air at this point, huh?

perfect teeth


love AND adore me!

Sorry, I do not know you, and based on your opening comments asking someone like me to go away if I'm not all these things, well, don't expect that ever to happen with me, or anyone else that happens to see this profile. Oh well, the honesty is nice for a change, I figure.

- The Grump Cycle -

Well, once again, a series of negative events sends me into a dangerous mood change. First of all, I get ready to go to the meetup spot, for work, at Texaco, but the car won't start. I jogged about a mile to it, and made it just in time. I am burning up, and not only do I have to jump into a van, but it's in a 4 person seat, with the average weight of the persons in the seat set at 200+, so we are all crammed together.

2.25 hours later, we get to Bend, and we have to wait nearly an hour to work. I bring out my GBA, and find a good spot to sit down and play. A supervisor comes by, and tells me about how I messed up yesterday on counting this one area, and how Tara (Area Manager) is gonna probably talk to me about this. Now, I just am starting to lose it, but keeping my cool. After that, the same supervisor makes me tag something 4 times, that I only tagged 2 times, and it doesn't make a bit of difference. I had a machine that I had to hit or wiggle each time I tried to scan an item, so it would work. The rest of the day went ok I guess.

I pretty much sleep on and off for 12 hours til my next shift, and I was just in an overall bad mood. Hector picked up on this right away (District Manager). Anyhow, he came by and asked me, "Do you like working for us?". I said "sure, it isn't bad." He walks off, and I am like WTF??!!?@#@#_)( Well, after 2 minutes of thought, I just realized that he sees that I'm in a bad mood, and he's trying to lighten me up a bit. Well, it's to no avail. Later on, instead of going ot the deli, I take off and tell noone where I'm going, and just go to subway, and eat alone.

When I report back, I am low on tags, and have no pen, so I had to ask like 5 people for a pen, and finally one had some spares. I get back to work, and I guess things were going ok for awhile. Hector calls me aside, and I am like thinking of what I could have done wrong. It turns out, he wants me to take care of the bottom clothes racks of stock room, and he shows me a trick with it, and leaves me to bust it out. He thanks me for doing this task. I tell ya, I'm still grumpy.

Later on, Tara was trying to explain to me what to do with this salvage, it took me like 4 times to guess what area number to put in. Hector was like, "I can see the smoke coming out of his ears." I tell ya, if you think that was the worst, guess again. They called break, and I wanted to get this box back on this shelf. It was double stacked, and there was not much space. I got ticked and pushed the thing hard, and this metal stuff came tumbling down, and it hit someone. Luckily, he was ok, but once again, Hector was like concerned, and just told me to be more careful. At first, he was sure I climbed up there, but after I explained it a few times, he understood what I did.

Man, a negative chain of events is always a dangerous experience for me!

- A Couple Of "Random Thoughts" -

Coining an expression from one of my local friends. I don't believe any thought is totally random, but since these are unrelated to eachother, I decided this fallasy will best describe what I'm about to do.

Barry Bonds' 72 HRs so far. People ask questions like... Does the # of HRs affect the chances of a team making the playoffs? or.... Does preventive walking really prevent wins? or even.... Will he stay at 72 or will he make 75? I have a way better question.... WHY IN THE HELL IS EVERYONE HITTING MORE HOME RUNS NOW? I can remember when that old mark of 61 seemed impossible, and now it just gets layed to waste. Is it the equipment, or is it like Kart, and Players have been trained better, and there is a way more open exchance of information, thus empowering hitters. Wouldn't you think Pitchers would also adjust to this, or does this go back to that first question everyone asks?

Most of the time, you watch commericals, and they are totally fake. I watched the Walmart commercial just before getting back on the computer, and I'm sure most of you don't really believe people like working there, and they don't get all together like that very often, if at all. I would like to inform you that they do this EVERYDAY BEFORE THE STORE OPENS! What you are hearing and seeing actually goes on at this place. It's refreshing to see a commercial that is truthful! Oh btw, at age 3, I used to not watch anything on tv, except commercials. Everytime one came on, I would drop whatever I am doing, and my eyes would be locked onto that tv!

face=Verdana size=2>Saturday, October 6th, 2001
5:11am Pacific Time
- Sarah Stewart Logic Breakdown -

Everybody knows how limited my vocabulary is, but I knew that there was no way to avoid being inconsiderate when you don't care.

¤Kevin Booth¤ says: your argument is invalid
¤Kevin Booth¤ says: Glitchman1 (1:28:11 PM): define uncaring
SmarterChild (1:28:11 PM): Definition for uncaring provided by The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition Copyright © 2000 by Houghton Mifflin Company. Other important copyright information

Devoid of concern or sympathy.

¤Kevin Booth¤ says: Glitchman1 (1:27:37 PM): define inconsiderate
SmarterChild (1:27:38 PM): This is SmarterChild, built by ActiveBuddy, Inc. Definition for inconsiderate provided by The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition Copyright © 2000 by Houghton Mifflin Company. Other important copyright information


1. Thoughtless of others; displaying a lack of consideration

*~!~* I'm not inconsiderate I just don't care *~!~* says: dude, huh?!
¤Kevin Booth¤ says: looked up some definitions
*~!~* I'm not inconsiderate I just don't care *~!~* says: what are you talking about
¤Kevin Booth¤ says: to be uncaring is to not concern yourself
¤Kevin Booth¤ says: which means, your are indeed being inconciderate
¤Kevin Booth¤ says: by not caring
*~!~* I'm not inconsiderate I just don't care *~!~* says: uh i don't care!
¤Kevin Booth¤ says: well I already know that
*~!~* I'm not inconsiderate I just don't care *~!~* says: yeah well

Kids these days. You have been silenced by the BOOTHMAN!

Monday, October 8th, 2001
10:00 Pacific Time

- Revenge On Pimpers! -

Thank you Andy Davis for this instant message, and well execution. I cannot stand gals that play guys.

die0urum0v: who are you going out with?
KenMac143: about 8 different guys wanna meet em?
die0urum0v: your going out with 8 guys?
KenMac143: yeah
die0urum0v: isnt that kinda whorish(no offense)
KenMac143: do i look like some kind of loser
die0urum0v: not really
die0urum0v: i still think your pretty cool.
KenMac143: no its called pimpish
die0urum0v: cool.
die0urum0v: will you go out with me?
KenMac143: probably nor
KenMac143: not*
die0urum0v: darn
die0urum0v: sucks for me.
KenMac143: yeah im sorry 8s enough for right now
die0urum0v: well how about when a spot frees up?
KenMac143: umm no
die0urum0v: well, ive got $10 (cough)
die0urum0v: not that that means anything.
KenMac143: yeah whatever
KenMac143: im not a freakne slut andy

HAHAHA!!! Quit acting like a slut, and we quit treating you like one.

Thursday, October 25th, 2001
10:00 Pacific Time

- Starcraft II preview or Falacy? -

I guess you all can be the judge on that one

- Migraine Sufferers -

After hearing about yet another agonizing health problem of my friends, I felt I'd do some research on it. I was quite surprised to find out that there were alot of myths I believed. Check it out for yourself.

- MKSC -

I decided to bust out some new times. I won't be posting them in my profile til the end of the week, but if you want to follow my progress, along with many others, check it out at the MKSC yahoogroup I killed my PC times, and even got a fastlap that ties Mark Jones, so he can no longer say he has a pure shutout. I sure don't get SB though. They pull off laps that are 2.X faster than me each lap. Must be that darn water.

- Site Projects and Various -

I'm making progress here and there on the long awaited features. You can say I'm gonna have to change the format of some of the page ideas, cause of recent events, and the realization that I didn't have the material that I felt I had for the projects. Some projects may be cut short, but at least there will be a finished product.

Work has been scarce, and if you read my horiscope (I don't normally read them, but someone informed me), you'd be like wtf. However, history is doomed to repeat itself and if what it said it was true, egads, here we go again! Seriously though, I did pull off a good week, where I worked 6 out of 7 days in their work week. (saturday-friday) In 8 days, I'll be looking forward to that check, and every little bit helps I suppose, but I really should be looking for something to supplement all of this.

These days, I'm not sure what I really want to do. It seems like when I first get my days off, I am happy, and immediately catch up on my sleep, but soon afterwards, I get bored, and get myself caught up in old projects, and soon put myself in the worst situations. Maybe it will do me some good to change things up and put myself in some new situations for everyones good. I still haven't pin pointed exactly what I want to do, but certain days, I do feel a bit frisky, so I guess I will have to keep you posted.

Working on various behind the scene projects as always. You would be amazed what goes on under the radar, that is for sure. Hopefully if all goes as planned, by the end of the week, about everything I envisioned will be taken care of, but as always, you cannot plan for everything, so you have to be ready for surprises!

Friday, October 26th, 2001
4:20 Pacific Time

- 239MW -

Well, I finally did it. Only took 24.111939726 years (I didn't make this figure up for once), but I was finally about to tell a female how I felt. I went pretty smooth, and pretty much as planned. I have always been smart enough to figure out where someone stands with me, and I was pretty much correct on all of that. To commend this moment, I will finally release my top conversations. You will find these under features. Reactions to these conversations would be appreciative at the message board, cause we all know how bad it needs activity.

Saturday, November 3rd, 2001
11:10 Pacific Time

- Weird Cursors -

If you are one of those people that like to collect cursors, you may want to check out this link that one of my online buddies gave me a couple of days ago.

- Burbs' Workout -

He needs your help. He has been doing the following weekly workout and he is not getting the results that he would like. If anyone has a better ruitine, please email it to me at Anyhow, here is his workout schedule, that he emailed me.

monday : bench, DB bench, DB flies, iso bench, tricep extensions
tuesday :squats, leg press, barbell curls, run mile
wednesday :push press, power cleans, deadlift run 40
thursday :same as monday but lighter weight, more reps
friday :same as tuesday, but lighter weight, more reps

- Not A Boring Day for Once? -

Yes, every once in awhile, the day isn't all about video games for me, amazingly enough. First, I start the day by hearing my online friend Nicole's concerns from Florida. She actually wanted me to call, so I did, but not before bitching out my long distance carrier, after I was told there was nothing I could do about my long distance problems until monday, the soonest. Get this, I could not dial any long distance numbers, or even 0. You heard it... ZERO!!! I could not even dial for opperator. I finally bought a phone card, and since 1-800 numbers are not blocked, I was able to do my duty. When I did get ahold of her, amazingly enough, it was mostly about video games, and Mario Kart 64. Sometimes, I'm amazed. Anyhow, that ends the interesting stuff there.

Next, I am heading to work, and I get a flat tire. I am steamed, but I run home about a couple miles and get on the phone can call work up and say I probably won't make it, and than I call Tyler's house up, and try to get through to the parents, cause they will have to give him a ride. Anyhow, I talk to my mom, and it seemed she wanted to help me, and she told me to talk to Jamie about it, my brother. Anyhow, I got to talking to him, and it seemed he wanted to bitch me out about not putting air in the tire, which is not the thing to do to me, when I'm already missing work, and making an effort to not get mad about the car thing. So I got angry, and knew my family was incapable of helping me, and I told them to quit wasting my time. I than called Burbs up, and he bailed me out. Showed me the art of changing the tires and all that jazz. I happen to have a great spare in the back of the El, so all is good. Now I owe him 2 free lunches, instead of one (one payed off tonight). After that, I call work and ask them if they still need me, and they said they got it covered, than I finally get through to Tylers parents and they say they got their ride covered. Awesome, this means I get to watch the Oregon game right? As they say on gameday... NOT SO FAST.....

Things get insane. First Admiral tells me he banned Tony Larson from central, cause he got angry cause Admiral wouldn't accept his buddys challenge, since Admiral does not know him, and he just overeacted, and pretty much made his undoing. I talked to Tony for awhile, and it seemed it wasn't that horrible of a deal, but he still didn't feel he did anything warranting any of that. Anyhow, getting banned is not that much skin off my back, so I gave him some encouraging words, and advised him of how the understanding occured, and that admiral isn't as bad as he makes him out to be, and that you don't call people chickens and not say j/k right afterwards when you are a newbie in a group.

Than Shawnell comes online, and needs to talk to me about various relationship stuff she felt was important. At the same time, I had karters and starcrafters needing to talk to me, on top of Nicole signing back on, so I was trying to clear up some details for tomorrows call I told her I'd make. Than if I wasn't busy enough, Burbs comes on and tells me that this Laura girl IMs him and wants to like have him call her in like 3 minutes. He chickens out, and gives me number instead, and tells me to say I'm Josh. Well, I did that, and in the process, I set up a meeting in like an hour.

Next, Josh comes over for the football game, and after seeing how serious I was about showing, he decided he'd go along too. I knew nothing about these people, except I knew why they probably wanted me to show. I'm sure meeting a guy was sorta the reason, but the bigger reason was the ride itself. Kinda shallow, but I was bored, so what the hell. Anyhow, Josh goes with me, and I go cash my check, put air in my new spare tire, and away we go! We get lost once, and it took us forever to get in the right direction, and just when you think it couldn't get more complicated, I get stopped by a cop for the first time ever. License, Registration, Proof of insurrance. In confusion, I hand him my debit card, and he says, that is the 3rd time that is happened tonight. I guess my license plate light was out, and it could be a 70 something dollar fine, but like they fine you for that normally, unless your a jerk, so he let me go. I knew the house had to be close to where I was, cause Josh saw a group of people like near there. Funny thing I find out, it's the house I got stopped at! I wonder what they were thinking, cause I sure know what I was thinking, and it wasn't good. I did a U-turn, after the cop was gone and parked at the house, just to find out, this Laura chick already got a ride and took off. Well, I had a good laugh about it, and socialized a bit with this one guy and 2 girls that were there, but I didn't have much to say, so I said my goodbyes and left them my number, just in case, Laura had a need to make another one of my days a bit less boring.


Saturday, November 24th, 2001
5:01PM Pacific Time

- Sorry folks -

Haven't been much into updating lately. Haven't had much worthwhile to share. Anyhow a couple funny things. first off, what in the world will game designers do next?

Are You A Star Twatcher?

Also, we got another IMer that doesn't know how to read info sections.

CinnaChick01 (4:41:39 PM): hi
Glitchman1 (4:41:43 PM): hi
CinnaChick01 (4:43:26 PM): whats up
Glitchman1 (4:43:33 PM): nothing much
Glitchman1 (4:43:35 PM): just chatting
CinnaChick01 (4:43:40 PM): cool
Glitchman1 (4:43:44 PM): and getting ready for my friend to show up for some tv
Glitchman1 (4:43:53 PM): Washington and Miami are playing in college football soon
CinnaChick01 (4:44:24 PM): kewl
CinnaChick01 (4:44:32 PM): i 4got whats your asl?
Glitchman1 (4:45:37 PM): 24/m/oregon
CinnaChick01 (4:45:42 PM): o
CinnaChick01 signed off at 4:46:12 PM.

Dumb Blondes!

Wednesday, November 28th, 2001
2:00AM Pacific Time

- Female Affairs -

I figured I'd talk about some stuff I don't usually cover here. A couple days ago, I watched one of those dating shows. I always find these things very funny, especially when it is plain obvious how stupid these people are in dates. Ya, I guess, who am I to talk about dating, when I've never done it in my life? Well, I may be inexperienced, but at least I have some freaking common sense here!

Get this, this one date was going great, but all of a sudden, this chick starts asking about one night stands, and how often the guy does them. This happened in another date they telecasted. Now, I understand why they are asking, and I equally understand that they want to know, cause if they are unsafe, they would want to get them tested, or heck, be so grossed out by them, that they won't date them anymore.

I can just think of what the guy is going to do, and cause of that, this is the stupidest thing to ask on a date I can think of. I thought the whole point of dating was to test the waters of intimacy, but at the same time, have fun, like if you were hanging out or something, just with that possibility of romance for a twist. If I'm wrong here, just contact me, and tell me how retarded I am, but I think I got the right idea here. Unless you plan on screwing eachother that night, I really think questions about one night stands or asking if they would get tested just destroys the date, and makes it WAY too serious.

While I'm on the subject of dating, this is why I think dating is absolutely retarded. Your supposed to like try to look your best, and be your best, and try to impress. It's all about hiding the bad things about you, which if you get serious, eventually get out in the open anyhow, and if they are bad things, don't til WAY later, and than if they do, end up hurting the females beyond repair, and if they stay, it is cause they have low self esteem, or feel they've been through too much to turn back now, and this here promotes guys to deceive females and vis versa. DATING, give me a mother freaking break!

Here is what I think makes WAY MORE SENSE. I think it is best to just make friends with everyone. As friends you can get to know eachother, without all those retarded expectations and pressures. If they play that role, you both get to hear all that horrible crap, and if you can deal with it, and still be friends, and the timing is right, than you can do that more intimate stuff, and you will know what to expect. Is this a good idea, or do you all insist that you have to prove to the world that your perfect til you get married, and than the real you appears, and bingo, divorce time!

Once again, I have no personal experience here, but logically, the whole way the world opperatee, as far as this stuff goes, is just stupid as hell. There is no reason this shouldn't just be pretty cut and dry and simple. Feelings are hard to deal with, but with commmunication, and social pressures removed, I really think that all of this has nothing to do with price of tea in China, if it was meant to be. If I'm wrong, help me understand!

- Chen to the rescue -

Not like it's stuff I never thought of, for the most part, but I do like his input here. Once again, probably not the dating guru, but he has alot of friends at school that happen to be females (he claims), so what the heck, I'll post his tips, since they seem to make more logical sense than these dumbasses that ask about one night stands on a first freaking date!

RuokaiChen (12:59:21 PM): #1. most important; Make yourself known

I guess that sounds reasonable. Still, making yourself known in a bad way, is definitely not the way to go about it. First impressions are imporant, I hear, but not the end of the world, in the whole scheme of things, I have been told.

RuokaiChen (12:59:46 PM): #2. Be yourself

That is easy. I am the worlds best at being myself!
June***** (3:46:18 PM): at least you are straight up with people
June***** (3:46:42 PM): i admire people who are real

RuokaiChen (1:00:07 PM): #3 Talk about what she likes

Another thing I have no problem with. Even though I come across to some of you as a guy that only cares about video games, there is so much more to me, and anyone that has had a conversation with me, soon finds out that I have something to say or at least can carry on a conversation involving mostly anything.

RuokaiChen (1:00:12 PM): #4 Add a little humor

Getting Females to laugh has never been a problem for me. Even in 3rd grade, I got Miquela to laugh over my silly story about my small cat at home, or even my retarded stick figure Neher sides I made, and got passed around the room, in 7th grade.

RuokaiChen (1:00:22 PM): #5 Don't go babbling on about vidoegames :-)

Duh! Well, I guess you can say I still can't resist, based on the best conversation area. It's not like I'm looking into talking to them for romance, so if they can't handle my interests, like I put up with theirs, than they are not worth my time.

RuokaiChen (1:00:58 PM): #6 Have good qualities females look for, Cute, Smart, Funny, in that order

Sorry, I'll never be "cute", so you can give up on that one. I wasn't gifted in that area. Every female that I known has at least commented at least once, if not repeated, on my intelegance, so smart is no problem, and Chen, I'm so smart, that I realized this is the 2nd time you have mentioned humor, only this time, you said "funny". Same point dude!

RuokaiChen (1:01:27 PM): #7 Don't put them to sleep, and don't talk to much to impress her

As long as I don't talk about video games, that is easy, and well, I don't ever try to impress them, cause since I am not looking for anyone at this point, I have no reason to. I know my role. Females seek me, cause I am nice, or I can help them, and that is that.

RuokaiChen (1:07:03 PM): #8 Don't lie, no matter how embarrassing it is

Ok, this is a VERY good tip. In the right context, it is not a good idea to lie, but admitting some sorta fetish might be something you leave out... or wait, that would contridict something I said about about how retarded dates are cause you ask stupid questions, and have to tell the truth, instead of just doing so as friends, so nevermind, DON'T LIE!

RuokaiChen (1:08:57 PM): #9 Tell her how nice her hair looks once in a while :-)

Yes, Alot of females are so self-concious about looks. NEVER even for a second let them think they are fat or ugly or whatever. So they say they want you to value them for your mind... BULLSHIT... if that was true, no need for makeup, huh?

RuokaiChen (1:04:36 PM): insult the female once in a while, to get their attention :-)
RuokaiChen (1:04:36 PM): it makes for more playfulness, IMO
RuokaiChen (1:04:58 PM): but don't heavily insult them

got that covered, Chen! Anyhow, Megan decided to say I could not use a certain word, cause her precious KYLE used it, and I decided that I was gonna be a pain the butt about it. We argued for like 30 minutes straight, and she actually liked it!

Glitchman1 (3:25:36 PM): he he he, that was fun
June***** (3:25:49 PM): what is fun?
Glitchman1 (3:25:58 PM): that whole dialogue
Glitchman1 (3:26:05 PM): you probably didn't think Ihad it in me
June***** (3:26:08 PM): i know i'm fun
June***** (3:26:11 PM): haha
June***** (3:26:25 PM): your right i am surprised
June*****(3:26:31 PM): impressed actually
Glitchman1 (3:26:47 PM): that was a glipse of the old me
Glitchman1 (3:26:59 PM): the me only my closest friends know about
Glitchman1 (3:27:04 PM): most can't stand it
June***** (3:27:04 PM): the "old" you?
Glitchman1 (3:27:07 PM): including Josh
June***** (3:27:13 PM): well i like it
June***** (3:27:23 PM): it's entertaining
June***** (3:27:24 PM): haha

RuokaiChen (1:13:54 PM): your chances of GF would like go up by 100000% if you enrolled in college

Since College is a good place to meet people, especially females, and they are a prime age for going to do stuff, and you already than have the college thing in common, I tend to agree with this analysis.

Tuesday, December 4th, 2001
12:30PM Pacific Time

- From The Archives -

I figured I'd entertain you all with another one of my old instant messages involving false identity. BTW, I decided to put some quotes from old instant messages up above. I feel it's a nice touch.

Tattooguy4life: hi kevin its annie from church
LOVE SPRINGFIELD: sure ya got the right kevin
Tattooguy4life: but i am in north carolina right now
Tattooguy4life: do you go to st. alice?
LOVE SPRINGFIELD: nope... jasper christian

Yes, something you didn't know about me. Even though I'm independant of faith, I did go to my oldest brothers church a few times. I even chaperoned a "lockin", as they called it, on new years eve/day. Anyhow, just wanted to clear that up.

Tattooguy4life: well i know a kevin booth that goes to my church who is very cute

Now I know for sure you have the wrong Kevin Booth. I must say that he is giving me a very good name, that is for sure!

LOVE SPRINGFIELD: there is 2 kevin booths in my area I think
LOVE SPRINGFIELD: which is interesting
LOVE SPRINGFIELD: seems I've gotten quite a few IMs meant for that guy
Tattooguy4life: the other one is only a sophmore in high school though

another instant message that involves false identity is in the top convers area.

LOVE SPRINGFIELD: and I graduated
Tattooguy4life: what school?
Tattooguy4life: oh what yeat?
Tattooguy4life: year?
Tattooguy4life: oh ok sorry to bother you!
Tattooguy4life: bye bye

Na, you don't have to leave, I still like to talk.

LOVE SPRINGFIELD: I take it this is your friends SN
Tattooguy4life: my cousins
Tattooguy4life: you read the stupid profile
Tattooguy4life: ?????
LOVE SPRINGFIELD: I always read profiles
LOVE SPRINGFIELD: just an annoying habit

Just one of those things about me. I always read profiles, among other things when I chat with people. I'm sure by now, you know my style, if you've read my best convers, or had some best convers of your own with me.

Tattooguy4life: hey this is her cousin some dude I know hacked into my computer and changed it
Tattooguy4life: where do you live now?
LOVE SPRINGFIELD: Springfield, Oregon
Tattooguy4life: me too
Tattooguy4life: but i go to thurston high

Well, I think the crowd knows what question I am going to work into this instant message.

Tattooguy4life: are you gone?
LOVE SPRINGFIELD: sorry about that
LOVE SPRINGFIELD: computer problems
Tattooguy4life: it alright
LOVE SPRINGFIELD: anyhow, it's kewl how I've met a couple people now
LOVE SPRINGFIELD: via the other kevin booth =)
Tattooguy4life: yeah....
Tattooguy4life: i kinda have to talk to him i am a leader at the church


LOVE SPRINGFIELD: so far it seems I k now alot about the guy
LOVE SPRINGFIELD: ya, he goes to that camp thing I think
Tattooguy4life: yep

I tell you. This really is a small world. I swear the whole world revolves around me at times :) Seriously though, It really is a small world, and I'm just surprised how many people know eachother for whatever reason.

LOVE SPRINGFIELD: and I heard he even shares the same fasination with video games
LOVE SPRINGFIELD: which might be interesting
LOVE SPRINGFIELD: would it be wacked if we play the same damn game?
Tattooguy4life: you like video games?

I love breaking Chen Rule #5 alot. Can't be having any weirdness, ya know.

LOVE SPRINGFIELD: ya, they have sorta been my thing since after high school
LOVE SPRINGFIELD: competing against the others I know and stuff on here
Tattooguy4life: do you have a job?

This is beginning to be an interview. I just want to chat, not be considered for a position in your life, back off!

LOVE SPRINGFIELD: you might know some of my co-workers
LOVE SPRINGFIELD: Krista Higgins or ***** ****** sound familiar?

No Tracking MW. Sorry folks :)

Tattooguy4life: yep kinda where do you work?
Tattooguy4life: do you know some stupid blonde michelle just started working there?
Tattooguy4life: the one on main st?
LOVE SPRINGFIELD: um ya, we canned her ass
Tattooguy4life: what did she do
Tattooguy4life: nasty huh???

Michelle Briggs actually was decently attractive, but as I will say below, I do not like to be manipulated, when I am trying to run a shift, so Michelle pretty much got a very negative view from me. Always trying to flurt with me, and hit me on the butt with things. Sorry, I know what your all about :P

LOVE SPRINGFIELD: that was the problem... she didn't do anything =)
LOVE SPRINGFIELD: and I know she was trying to get on my good side too
Tattooguy4life: i went to school with her
LOVE SPRINGFIELD: fat chance, I know those tricks =)
Tattooguy4life: slut
LOVE SPRINGFIELD: I mean, don't get me wrong, she was nice in her own way
LOVE SPRINGFIELD: but she was damn manipulative
Tattooguy4life: nah
LOVE SPRINGFIELD: gave her many chances to redeem herself too
LOVE SPRINGFIELD: and just come clean about stuff
LOVE SPRINGFIELD: oh well, I guess
Tattooguy4life: are you the manager?
LOVE SPRINGFIELD: nope, freshly a supervisor
LOVE SPRINGFIELD: as of may 1st
Tattooguy4life: how long have you been working there at arbys
Tattooguy4life: i have to go i will be back in oregon on the 19th maybe i will see you at arbys
LOVE SPRINGFIELD: most likely, you will
Tattooguy4life: maybe i will say hi
LOVE SPRINGFIELD: keyword... maybe =)
Tattooguy4life: well you know
Tattooguy4life: bu bye

Yes, I know the drill. I know what it is like to be THIS Kevin Booth, and it isn't always fun. However, at least got some humility, so unlike persons like Michelle Briggs, I actually give a crap, and don't want to mess with peoples minds.

Friday, December 21st, 2001
9:05AM Pacific Time

- History Channel Rocks! -

Ya, I'm sure I'll get getting some responces from that statement, but sometimes I just like to see what is on there before I'm about ready to go to sleep. Anyhow, I got pretty much the history of christmas out of it this time. It's quite amazing to learn that story tellers pretty much dictated how we celebrate christmas these days, and dispite what others think, christmas is neither Jesus' birthday, nor has he always been a central point of this celebration.

Kinda funny that the church actually didn't like this holiday at first, and wanted no part of it, but felt they could not control it, so they made their own version of it. Puritans hated it, and abolished it completely, but as the special said, there just isn't fighting tradition.

Anyhow, I could go on, but I think enough has been said. I feel christmas is important, but not always for the reasons you may think so. I do think that it is kewl, that we do take the time to treat people less fortunite better, and meet up with family members, and best of all, enjoy the holidays, cause you may not know this, but today is the DARKEST day of the year, so whatever works, works.

Just so ya know, 9PM my time, tune into the channel to hear about some stuff you may not know about the bible. As you know, I'm not a man of religion, but I think this should be required watching for everyone!

- Yesterday Sucked, but Today Promises to be better -

To not get into detail, I had a record 3 female related complications, 2 disconnections, one spontainous reboot, and no hot water for a shower! Today, the car started, when it would not yesterday, so the day is looking up. I think I'll push my luck :)

- YMCA LAMERS going down tonight! -

Yep, the Booth Bros. are going to get together again to cause some major chaos! I think I'll remind Jamie (Brother), to get his cam ready, so I can show you all some of my unorodox methods of burning individuals. Lets see... I predict at least 6 arguments, 15 fouls, 1 near fight, and hopefully an undefeated night, but I am not holding my breath.

Wednesday, December 19th, 2001
1:35PM Pacific Time

- From The Archives -

Just so everybody knows why the gaming cirle uses egroups, I decided to bring something from the ¤Booth¤ Email archives! Originally Egroups was just for the Mario Kart 64 Updating team, but I released it to the public, for anyone that would like to see actual submissions. Never in my wildest dreams, did I realize that it would develop into just as vital of a community tool as AIM!

Hi Kevin,

I have an idea that might be useful to make sure the whole updating team
will allways get all times.
Have you ever heard of e-groups? That's a service for groups to make
communicating easier. One of the features is Group email.
People can send mail to one single address, for example And egroups will automatically forward that email to
all members that are subscribed to that list.
The manager of the mailing group (that's you), can add and remove
members to/from the list. And you can change all the settings.

Just when I shut down the computer yesterday I remembered it. I'm in a mailing list of one of the e-groups. It's really easy to use.

Just think about it. More info can be found on:


Too Idealistic! It will never work! :)

Tuesday, December 25th, 2001
7:05PM Pacific Time

- Merry Christmas ¤Booth¤ Surfers -

Hopefully everyone is enjoying the holidays. Things are looking up for me. Didn't get tons of stuff, but alot of clothes, as always, so there is a great chance I won't be having to buy clothes for myself. I usually never do, besides shoes and work pants. What is everyone else been doing during the holidays? I've been abusing myself in basketball again, and it's not giving my lower back a chance to recover, but what can I say, it's just too tempting. Anyhow, not much more to say, but I'll probably have my issues page done around the new year, so check back here soon!

Thursday, December 27th, 2001
7:05PM Pacific Time

- RGIS Talk -

Well, some kewl news. I got my one year pin from the company, but not just that. I also achieved "Most Improved", as decided by the team leaders at the Eugene Branch. I'm only 4 of 100s of employees to earn this award. It's the last award I've achieved since the Twin Galaxies stuff, and before that, it was employee of the month in February 1997, which is also when I started playing kart 64.

In light of this news, I am now going to set another record. I will be working 4 different stores in one day! It is true! I will be busting out 3 Mckay's and 1 Newsgroup, whatever that is. Anyhow, more funny stuff in the line of RGIS duty. Sometimes you broaden your horizons when you get out more.

- Lesbians in Lebannon -

Yes, you read that correct. Our crew stopped at 7-11 to get some goods. I walked in, and I saw 2 females in the store. One of them was sitting on the counter, and the shorter and lighter one was where I'd like to call "Licking Level". They sorta gave me a weird look, and eachother an even stranger look. It just seemed so suspicious, but I just went about my business.

As we took off, Andrew, an employee with us told us to look back in the store. OMG, I witnessed the shorter and smaller girl try to kiss the other girl, but she pulled away once she realized we were watching. In RGIS, you never know what your travels will bring you!

Monday, December 31st, 2001
7:44PM Pacific Time

- Alot of Bitching about Females -

as my last update of the year, I am going to make a new years resolution. I will NOT fall in love with anyone this year. I'd rather make that a never, but I don't think I'll go making promises I can't keep.

Thing should just be simple, but they never are. Communication is the key, but females don't ever realize that key is in their hand. It's just ridiculous what us guys have to go through, cause females are so stupid. I just got done finally hearing what I need to hear, only weeks late, cause some stupid female thought I should be hearing what I wanted to hear, instead of the truth.

For future reference, I would like to make some important statements. First, being real goes 2 ways MEGAN. You want me to be real with you, than you be real with me back. It seems you have failed to do this, so you have lost my respect, so go screw yourself. Damn stupid christians (note I did not say all christians, so don't pin that biggot crap on me) that think they are better than you cause they have looks, and "god", they say, yet they are stupid as bricks, and have hardcore depression like the rest of us. Well, you'll be going to hell girl. =) Oh yes, your right, I can't believe everything I hear, especially from you. =) Good tip! Also NICOLE, being real means being cruel to be kind, in the right manner. Have manners, and when somebody is asking you serious questions, be honest, cause it's NOT A GAME! Rejection might be one of my top 10 most feared things, but deception ranks worse, so don't deceieve!

Next, lets talk about the line between being friends and a little more. Maybe I get a bit confused about this, but if a girl is going to treat me like a friend, they had better act exactly like a guy would act towards me, cause if they don't, than I'll be trying to figure out why they are doing this, and if they won't communicate with me, I will than take it from there, and let the process continue. Females pride themselves in being able to talk to eachother when they feel guys are emotionally unavailable. Kinda funny when it seems I want to talk about stuff all the time, yet they remain silent.

Lets talk about shallowness now. Seems guys get a raw deal on this one. Oh yes, us guys only go for looks, and discredit the rest. Lets get something straight here. Guys go for looks INITIALLY! Seems you gals are contradicting yourselves tons. Firstly, you want guys to see your inner beauty, but it's sorta funny that all you talk about and bitch about is your looks. You spend HOURS putting on makeup, and not even minutes furthering yourself in an intelectual way in the same day. This is clear by the lack of conversational skills, that lead me to have little to say, and grow bored with you not long after. Also, girls say they can not be shallow, but omg, if you heard what I heard, you'd know what I know. They talk about hot college guys or whatever more than I ever talk about hot girls. It's almost sickening to me how much the girls talk about sex, and you have got to realize I'm a guy, so that has got to be difficult for me to get sick of hearing about it, but I do. SHALLOW SHALLOW, is what these females are, and the better looking, and the more full of themselves they are, the more shallow they are. It's great to be a guy and to be humbled, cause than you realize what really is important. Maybe someday, whne you get older, and you don't have your looks on your side, you will know my pain.

Lets talk about LOVE for a second. I'm not dumb. I know there are many types of love. However, when you tell this to a guy, be freaking clear in what context you mean, or else we are confused. Us guys don't tell eachother that we love eachother, so were not used to this crap. Plus you got to realize that some of us guys are very used to being quite independant, and we don't generally need to be all that close, unless we have emergancys. Some guys ya, need that, but I would like to say that I am happier if you don't insist that I be like this, later to realize that once I break down and become like this, that now you have issues and feelings to deal with. It was easier when there wasn't an attachment, so please keep it that way.

Well I've had my fill of bitching about this stuff I figure. Since you females are so indecisive, let me make it simple. I want to be single, and I will be keeping it that way, so you can keep your feelings to yourself, cause I don't care. If you want that out of me, you should have thought about that BEFORE you acted like complete retards. I'm sorry you brought me down to your level. It won't happen again.

Tuesday, January 1st, 2001
11:05AM Pacific Time

- Fiesta Bowl Today -

Ok guys, turn to ABC at about 1:35pm pacific time, and you will get to see Oregon go against Colorado. Oregon is the team the BCS shit on, and Colorado is the hottest 2 loss team in the nation. This is going to be a tough game. Alot of people think Oregon is gonna win, but I have my doubts. Still, Oregon has worked some serious miracles this season, and could get their best record in school history, with a win. They already have their best AP/ESPN ratings in history, with #2. We settle for no less than a share national championship. Lets hope Eric doesn't Crouch against Miami, with Gore and Buchannon causing some serious recounts!

- Daily Female Complaints -

I think I am going to make this a habit, cause every hour, I think of another stupid thing that they do. Lets talk about Obsession and commitement. I cannot stand when females ask you to think about them during (insert time that your alone). All they are doing is promoting a guy to obsess over them. This is what females always do over guys, so I guess they feel they should level the playing field a bit, I don't know. Also, don't ever tell a guy that you'd rather be with them, than with (insert guy here), unless you really mean it. You say guys have a hard time with commitments. Well guess what? You just made one, and guess who backed out of it? The Female, that is right!

Wednesday, January 2nd, 2001
11:05AM Pacific Time

- Fiesta Bowl Win! -

Yep, we did it. Oregon throttled Colorado, even beyond my wildest dreams. My prediction for score was 35-28, so I definitely am proud of our ducks! As admiral would say, "We Regulated"!
- Happy Birthday Mom -

Yep, my mom is turning 60 now. Even though she has the am hours off, she will have to work the following night after she wakes up. Well just know that myself, Jamie, and Danny are remembering you and all you have done for us on this day.

- Emotions Lighten Up -

Ok, now that I have got it out of my system, there will be no more female complaints, at least not in so much of an angered state, as before. It just wasn't delt with right at either direction, so if things seem a bit irrational, I think you will all understand. Anyhow, there is much to do to rectify the situation, I figure but I'm still sticking to my guns. I'm staying single, to avoid this BS from occuring for awhile.

I blocked the whole female race on aim for a few hours, til I could get a grip, than I unblocked a few of them that are worthy. I don't stress enough how important communication is. Once the lines are cut, you are just asking for alot of hurt feelings and fear. All you starwars people can chime in on what that will lead to, right? Anyhow, for the ones that I think I can keep emotions aside from, I will give it another shot. It's kinda weird how I can be such a pestimistic person, yet still think in some way that the very next time I reach out, and show my human side that somebody might give a shit, ya know? Give me some credit here. If I see a speck of light, that is really all I need. Tonight I saw such a light, so I'm going to role with it. Wish me luck.

- Religion Debate -

This didn't really go as planned. I would post the conversation, but it didn't really go all that spectacular. This conversation featured Jason Whalls, Kevin Booth, Shawnell Scott and Rebecca Wonn. Everyone sorta had to go, or do other things, so it became a bit lacking. Still, if anyone is still interested in such a debate being posted and analyed conversationalwise, let me know, and we might try a part 2 in this segment, otherwise, wait for my issues page, which will be finished.... well... when I feel like it!


The Booth Brothers are ready again. Jamie's shot is down and ready to school you in the art of making shots and reverse layins. Danny is day to day with a hamstring hyperextension, but is expected to play at least at 75% potential. As far as I go, my lower back is getting way more flexible, however my conditioning is still poor. Still, even in this haggard state, I can still school all your sorry lamer butts. The only thing you'll be throwing up, is hail marys, cause that is all the defense will allow. Projected record for the night 6-3. MVP, Jamie Booth.

As a last basketball note, I would like to recognize some great basketball players from Trinity High School, in Morgantown, West Virgina. It's a small private school, and I heard their enrollment is acutally down in the 40's, yet their teams are doing decent. 2 players are truly standing out from the rest. One is Sarah Miller (no relation to Ben Miller, duh!) She is averaging 23 points and a sickening amount of steals per game. Myles Bukrim has been hurt, but he is still playing well, and averaging around the same. Next year, Myles is expected to be in the running to break the State Record for point per game in a season, that was once held by the current coach of the Utah Jazz!

Sunday, January 20th, 2002
11:05AM Pacific Time

- Ya, I know it's been awhile (RGIS is to blame)-

RGIS (Real Gay Inventory Service) has been working me like a dog, just so they can give me no hours, and guarrantee me a life of having no life for the rest of my life. Man, I am so sick and tired of their BS. It all started with the bad thing I did. I sorta left some flannel out of order. The associate said it was fine, and it would get arranged the next day. However, it wasn't an hour later that Hector (our District Manager) starts yelling at me and threatens to fire me and shit. Boy, I felt like shit that day. He has never used my last name when calling me over somewhere, so I knew I was screwed that day.

You can say after that, I stopped really caring about this job, and most the people I work with. I guess you can say I never really did, cause I didn't even go to the annual party, where I actually got a "most improved" award from them. I was even asked by one of the supervisors about promotion possibilities and crap like that. Well, after I tell you all the crap that has gone down in the last couple weeks, I think you will feel the same way I do.

Anyhow, as time goes on, I really could care less, but hey, I signed up for days, and I need the $, so wtf, I'll work, and be a loyal employee. Lets just say during the time period, I was forced to take a 2 hour break after working an hour of a shift, denyed a break for 3.9 hours work from a REGINAL MANAGER, Put through travel, 10 hour job, more travel, and 3 more hours of a job in the same day, and the previous day, I did about the same thing with no sleep, and to freaking top off the gayness, on a moments notice, our schedule is changed, and we are expected to spend a whole weekend doing jobs in Bend, about 3 hours away, and crap like that, just to get that reversed the same night, and finally to why I am talking to you now. I still had 2 stores I had to do in Bend, and after asking gay ass Hector about it, and him insisting that I "follow my schedule", I wait and wait and wait for the god damn van to bend, just to finally see my friend Tyler pull up and say that noone ever showed at the office. I was already dead tired from no sleep, and they have the nerve to pull this shit off.

Lets talk about this stupid ass company for awhile. Ok, the good points. They really do have a good name for inventories, and we really are doing a service for people, but I would really like to clear up some misconceptions right now. We are SO not professionals. The only thing you need to start working here is to pass a math test a 4th grader could easily pass, and about 3 hours of training that doesn't do dogshit for you anyhow, cause you learn at the job the best anyhow, which I'll get to that ridiculous crap soon.

The people that work for RGIS have got to be the slumlords of the world, I swear. about 80% of them are smokers, and all of them are just misfits from who knows where. (I guess I should fit right in, huh?) I will say there are quite a few nice people out of them though, but well, when you've been through 3 job sites like me in 4.5 years of your working career, you tend to not want to be so warm to your co-workers. Still, even though I really don't give a crap most the time, if they are nice to me, I'm nice back, and I open up a bit, but when the job is over, or they piss me off, that is it, and I go back to my negative views.

Ok, you go to your first store, and nobody knows you. Worse than that, if your a new guy, and another branch's supervisor has you, he has no idea that you haven't been trained, and just expects you to sink or swim. So when you blend about a gazillian areas, they are in pure shock, or don't realize RGIS policy. Than, once you get this down, a few freaking hours later, you are done with work, and don't work again for a month, and are expected to rememeber all this shit the next time you show up for work. Give me a god damn break. Granted, this is a pretty easy job once you get it down, but my point has been made.

Now lets talk about some of their gay policy. Tagging is probably the gayest activity in the freaking world. Ok guys, get this. There are these things called "yellow tags". They have holes on either end for peg hooks (those things in retail stores that hold various crapola that is the same). They also are Yellow (duh), and they are about as long as a porno kings penis, but as flat as a kindergardener, and an inch in width. As you can tell, I'm going to get to why I'm slamming the looks of tags. Ok, RGIS (GAYNESS) Policy states that you need to place a gay yellow tag at the beginning and end of each shelf and all 4 corners of the peg hooks. They call this standard tagging. I call it a standard way to be gay. Ok, if you follow this policy to the word, you will have situations where there are 2 tags that are right next to eachother, with nothing in between them. Not only is this a waste of time, but it's illogical. Now don't get me wrong about this. I am all for keeping consistency, and understand why they made this rule, however just like any job, rules need to be bended where stupidity exists, and this is definitely one of those moments. Tags are supposed to aid you in counting an area right, and the associates (store workers) that count the area so they know what freaking moronic way you counted their product. Top to bottom, and left to right is how you are supposed to count the product. you actually have to walk back to the beginning of the area to go one down on a shelf. Again, I don't see the logic in this, cause it wastes your time, and the people who audits you's time.

Lets see... The traveling is not all it's cracked up to be. You load and unload equipment, and BTW, unless you are reloading equipment after a job, and your one of the wrapup people (those that do the finishing steps of an inventory), you don't get paid for that. Yes, you heard me right, YOU DON'T GET PAID FOR THIS! Ok ya, we do have a thing called "travel pay". They make this complicated so unless you fucking want to spend hours contemplating your naval, you won't be able to figure out if your taking it up the ass. It's 9 cents a mile and/or (who freaking knows) $4.00 and hour. The first 20 miles don't count, cuase you don't get travel pay if you are able to drive to an inventory, so in other words, more tecnical BS. Now, Hector actually made this easy by just having set amounts for each location prefigured out. However, what if a deer hits a van in the middle of Bend and you are stranded in the freaking cold til traffic patrol come and help, and trust me, they take forever, unless you don't have a license plate light out, and you have to stay and wait 7 hours in a restaurant drinking straight coffee til you finally get a rental van out there to pick you up. Do you get paid for that?? NO!!!!!!! Ya, you heard me. You lose a 3rd of a day, and it's not your fault, and your with the company people, and this happens to you. Luckily, this didn't happen to me, cause I was in another van, but let me tell you, that is just messed up. Oh yes, you also lose time from people that want to stop and get something to eat, smoke, masturbate, whatever. It gets so freaking old.

Well I've said enough, but I could go on forever, but you get the idea. All jobs are bs, and if your willing to accept the bs in general, and believe in the bs you are handed, it's the job for you, but if your personal beliefs conflict with the bs, you should look for other work, and I plan on doing this very soon btw. Oh ya Mike, I change my mind about that promotion idea, but thanx for offering...

- While I'm in the Bitching Mood... -

Ya I know, all I do is complain so you can all feel sorry for me. Well, while I feel that as theraputic at times, I'd really like to do this bitching so you can see how stupid stuff is, and not be stupid yourself. Ok, time to keep going on this.

- Religious Complaint of the Day-

Earlier, I felt the need to spell masturbation right, so I asked Smarterchild how to spell it, and I was correct. Now lets see what that cloud led to...

Glitchman1 (5:40:08 AM): define masturbation
SmarterChild (5:40:08 AM): Definition for masturbation provided by The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition. Copyright ©
2000 by Houghton Mifflin Company. Other important copyright information

Excitation of one's own or another's genital organs, usually to orgasm, by manual contact or means other than sexual intercourse.


mas'tur·ba''tor - NOUN

>>> Find a word in a specific book of the Bible by typing "find fire in revelations," for example.

Glitchman1 (5:43:21 AM): find masturbation in the bible
SmarterChild (5:43:21 AM): Sorry, I can't find any references to "masturbation" in the Bible.
>>> I know the Bible, chapter and verse! Type "exodus 20:12," for example.

AHA! Just as I thought. For all you uneducated people out there, "spilling the seed" does not mean masturbation, but withdrawl. Just felt you should know that. So the next time you feel in the mood, you can rest assured (and rest you will) that you won't be commiting a sin, however I don't wanna hear about it :) Yep, another example of misinterpretation of the bible, which I do remember was also a no no, when involving your bible studies. ;)

- Female Complaints of the Day-

Yep, you know I have at least a couple of these to share before I go to sleep, and quit picking on the poor web surfers. Ok, lets talk about how females absolutely get bend out of shape when you look down at their brests at times. It's sorta funny how alot of females stuff their bras, or wear clothing that is especially designed to draw attention to that area of the body. If you don't want guys to look at your breasts, dress like we do. When we don't want people to look at us like that, we dress conservatively, and when we want to show off, we take off our shirts after we've worked those weights for like 1000 hours. It's pretty simple for us. Why so hard for you? Yes, I will give you the fact that it is quite rude to be doing so WHILE your talking, and I agree on that point. Just remember, it goes both ways, and I for one do look right directly into the eyes when it's time to communicate, and when I do, I don't find the eyes exactly where they should be, if you know what I mean.

I also find the need to act inferrior around guys you value ridiculous too. Not only does that show me you are not self sufficient, but shows your lack of character and charisma. This whole process is about finding your half, but if they are only capable of a 4th, they need to look elsewhere, that is for damn sure.

Oh yes, lets talk about that Trendy Crap No Doubt has been pumping the corporate radio with. I think they pretty much hit my point on Jan 1st about females being more shallow than guys perfectly. The song gets old, but at least it's very simple and to the point. We all say the same shit, and we both want it, so lets drop the legistics, shall we?

- Finalities -

Since I haven't updated in ages, you have got to believe I will have alot to talk about. Hopefully I will be able to mix some good news in with all the complaining, but trust me, I have alot of complaints. Still, to leave on a good note, The world we live in is not perfect, but there isn't much out there that we can't correct if we agree to co-exist, with the same basic ideals in mind. We have to live together, we might as well get along :)

Thursday, February 14th, 2002
11:45AM Pacific Time

- I figured I should finally update the page-

Ya, I've sorta slacked on the site as of late. I keep thinking of stuff to update it with, than when it's time, I don't remember it. Anyhow, been working mostly, and been playing Mario Golf, Mario Kart 64, and some starcraft basically. Besides that, just the usual compliaining going on and so forth. I had some links I was going to show, but it seems I cannot search for the news items any later than a week into the database, so I wasn't able to find the stories.

I guess work has got better. I'm no longer so pissed about things, but it still holds true that I really don't feel the pull I did at some of my other previous jobs. It seems people want to motivate me and crap, but I am just not into it. Get me a job where I can make a living, and I will change my attitude.

- 25 Years Of Misery-

Yep, it is my least favorite day of the year. VALENTINES DAY. Key events today are Nathan Stinsons deadline for Proof in Mario Kart 64, and Rachelle Bowden crying after another one of her Jerk boyfriends decided to dump her in 8th grade. I really don't recall a good valentines day.

First 5 of them, well your too young to care. After that, going through grade school, you get envelopes and mini valentines cards for all your classmates, and some candy to put in each one. You don't feel like giving each person one, but you do. Seems to defeat the purpose, when it's not out of good feeling.

Past that, all the holiday is to me is a reminder of all the past failures, and what I don't got. Furthermore, I deal with the persons online that are shattered yet another time, and than the ones that are success stories seem to just add to the pain. Well it's only one day, and as soon as it's over, it's time that it gets closer to the part of the year I like best... Early spring!

Thursday, March 28th, 2002
11:45AM Pacific Time

- OMG, and update? -

Yes, it's been forever, but I finally got off my duff, and updated this page. You will notice that I am now featuring my issues page, which will show you my opinion on various subjects, that I deem important. I also moved some of my old links and/or removed ones that no longer apply. More to come. As far as the big details, I will save big descriptions for the newsletter, but I think I'll cover the big events briefly.
- Tutoring my Nephew -

Well, the first item that made my life more meaningful is that somebody from the family needed help, and I was just the man for the job. Sure, it's not unlike the stuff I do online, but I figured this would bring a new challenge. Well it was a breeze! He is now getting passing grades, with only about 2-3 weeks of dedicated tutoring and mentoring.

I started to realize just how much I was missing out on family life. I barely even got see Rachael (my neice) and Bradon grow up, cause of all of the time I spend on here, playing games, or working. It really is a shame, but at least it isn't too late. I'm catching up with everything now, and it's actually good to be a part of things again.

Also, there might be a chance that my dad might be able to help me with college now, so I may be persuing that for the first time in ages, well see.

- RGIS is no longer "real gay" -

Well, since I am happier, cause I was able to help someboday, this reflects over to the job. Hector gave one of his "motivational" speeches. This was made to the whole crew. It went something to the extend of that if you don't make your aph (average per hour 'in pieces'), you will get fired. Oh yes, btw, ACCURACY is our primary concern. Next time, leave the speeches to me. Well I figured I would make him eat his words, so I got into competition mode, and averaged 3100+ (goal is 2000) an hour for the whole day.

A week later, I hear Hector and Tara talking and Hector is all like, "guess who is the top counter in Fred Meyer hardlines for our district?" Tara asks, "Who?" Hector exclaims, "KEVIN BOOTH!" It wasn't too long after that, everybody heard, and everyone congratulated me. There ya go folks, I am #1 again in something!

Lastly, I would really like to say that all that crap I said in that one news update about RGIS was out of isolation and much bitterness. I don't really feel like that anymore, and I am beginning to feel more at home at RGIS, but I just wish I could make a living doing this, instead of just chump change.

- Confidence going up -

Well, with all the positive feedback, my confidence level is improving. It is getting way easier to express myself now, and I am getting some of my old outgoingness back. It's still slow going, but it's returning. My video gaming is still ridiculously bad, but we won't get into that. Lastly, it's early spring, and if I recall, these next couple months, I usually start doing great in life, but the freaking emotions are off the scale as well, so it's very hard to balance all of this that is going on.

Monday, May 27th, 2002
11:46AM Pacific Time

- Ya, it's been 2 months -

I figure I should get the pics and whatever working at least. I'm still working on that writing project I talked about in my newsletter, and it's probably going to be a long while before I get it done. Anyhow, I guess I will cover the various topics that I need to cover while I'm updating. Work, Sports, Gaming, Something New, and Whatever Else.


What used to be what I did whenever I am not working and doing whatever else I do in a day is no longer that fun for me. Starcraft usually pisses me off, cause I know I can never be the best. Kart 64, I was the best, and now that seems impossible too. I try other games, and I just don't really care anymore. They just seem to be a waste of my time. I try Xenogears, and the stupid game doesn't save, and when it finally does, I play rock, paper, scissors to try to get 5 in a row. I get 4 in a row twice, and choke. Great, now I have to waste another hour playing this retarded game to get an item.

I do play some semi-fun games with Gaming, but you can safely say that I'm no longer officially in the gaming era. I guess that was the case in 2000, but gaming just is getting more and more pointless and non-fullfilling now that I know I'm nothing really that special in the gaming world these days. People are just smarter, and we all knew it would catch up with me eventually.

I am glad to leave behind a lot of my ideas though. Concepts like a players page, and a players list as well as world records in the gaming world are the legacies I can leave behind as I pretend like I care somewhere else in life.

- WORK -

I really don't know. Tyler has now found a new job, and maybe I should too. I'm sure I could move up, but unless I believe in what I'm doing, it seems sort of pointless to make the blind leap of faith. We saw what that did to me back at Arby's, so screw that I say. I'm doing ok at work, but ya know me. Logic fails me at times, as I double count crap and other things like that. Well, I guess well see.


First as far as watching. The NBA playoffs are actualy pretty exciting, and even in the east. Both series are now at 2-2, so I recommend you check it out. Amazing comebacks, and last second stands have been the talk of the nation.

Ok, I've been playing basketball more lately. I've been doing pretty good too, but I sprained my ankle yesterday while trying to go for a rebound. I was able to massage it a bit, and get back out there, but my lateral movement is clearly not as good. I still burned somebody while being hobbled by the sprain though :)

I also have some good stuff on tape from my Thursday sessions at P.Hill. Hopefully someday I can get a few of those online for you to enjoy.

Softball is going ok. I had to do a practice with that ankle, but I did fine considering. We do have a game coming up this Sunday, and it will be the first one in 3 weeks cause of the rainouts and the bye week we had. We did have a double header about 3 weeks ago where I went 3-5 (2 singles, 1 Double, 1 flyout, 1 Reach on Error, 1 intentional walk). I bat 4th, and play somewhere in the outfield. For some stupid reason, I play right center instead of left center, where way more chances are. Oh well, not my call.

Lastly, on the 2nd week of June, I will be in Seattle watching 3 Baseball Games. It will be the Cubs vs the Mariners. I've never been to a major league game, so this will be a different adventure entirely. I'll let ya all know how it goes.


Well it appears I'm part of the "in" crowd these days at work. Cause of obvious reasons, I won't be able to tell you all much of what went on, but let me say, I work with some crazy people. We went to our teams sponsor (a bar), and than to my boss' house. They are some crazy mofo's let me tell ya that much. Very loud, very roudy, and just plain nuts. They think they are gonna currupt ME. LOL, that has to be a joke. I have more currupt than any of them have in their pinky, that is for damn sure. I plan on going on an outing to Portland with them on Saturday, once again, I'll keep you all posted.


Pretty much isn't much left. As I said before, the new feature for the site will be awhile. I wanted to get it done by June first, but it just isn't going to happen.

About the same time I'm leaving for Seattle, my brother will be having a visitor from Poland. Yes, spare the jokes til she gets here. It appears my brother thinks New York is like a walk acrossed the park, and it's time to try Poland. This should be interesting.

Well I guess the conversations have been dying down lately. Some interesting ones here and there, but the gaming ones are sort of making a comeback. I find it hard to get people to talk most the time. I even find it hard when they are the ones that IM me. I have been trying to make an effort to initiate more instant messages though.

Lastly, while the shitty gaming and the luke-warm work performances are sort of getting me down, I do feel better these days and the M+N situation affects are starting to become less apparent. While it may be years for me to finally recover from that bullshit, I now am ready for the next era of life. What I call it, I just don't know yet.

Saturday, June 15th, 2002
7:32AM Pacific Time

- Well, not the page I figured I'd finish, but I it's up. -

Well, the Love page is finally finshed. I sort of rushed the end, but I wanted to get this over with, so I can move on, and admit that when your name is Kevin Booth, my name and love is an oxymoron. Go see my tribute to misery :)

Thursday, July 25th, 2002
7:25PM Pacific Time

- California Trip -

Yep, I have been chosen again to represent Eugene in the bay area Albertsons/Longs run! There will be 7 of us GOSU counters going to show up those poor souls that sleep and sit on their step thingies cause they can't handle the hell! Anyhow, I'll be gone from the 27th-2nd totally, so unless you are one of the lucky persons I contact via phone, see ya next month! Spread the word around, that is if you even come to this site anymore. Hopefully next month, I'll give you all some more updates.

- New Computer! -

Klass is gonna make me a new comp, and it's gonna rock! Gonna run like a 1.8 P4 does, and have amazing graphic abilities along with half a gig ram! Yep, I'm gonna rule the world. Once that happens, I will be able to do more on my computer, and get some software/os's I can't with this ancient thing.

- No More Mr. Nice Guy -

Ya, I've been in an anti-social mood as of late, so I just cleared out my buddylist. I went from 200 to 132. I now will only be instant messaging my key people, but if your a nice person, a lonely guy can use the attention at Glitchman1. Anyhow, a few females have proven themselves to be bigtime lamers. First we Got Gen that was dumb enough to tell another gal that used to obsess over this one guy that she is gonna by the guy a ticket for his b-day so he can come visit her. So of course, what does the other girl do? Well, she takes 15 Tylonol and nearly kills herself by trying to cut herself. Class act there Gen, so you have just won you and all your friends the lamer of the week award, congratuations.

Some Honorable Mention for the award go to Caroline Grecco for the millionth time giving a shit and acting like you want a life with my brother, and for the millionth time not being able to commit to an in person visit, which you want, and on top of that being Jealous of every girl in history as well as thinking your overweight at 80, and being a close-minded, gold-spooned, daddys girl. Try working for a living. Until than, you can kiss my ass.

Lastly, the ELITES (PD+GE), especially that Randy guy that decided to go from 8th to champ and 2nd to champ in the shooter games by being a lamer, and playing the system and proving how much talent it takes to steal other peoples vids and secretly beat them with them, than releasing a million PRs that makes us all not give a shit about the game anymore. I hope you enjoy what you did to your community guys. I should fucking pull all my tradmarked stuff, but fuck it, it's not worth it. Do as you wish, but if you want a good word from me after allowing lamer shit like that to go on in your community, you also can kiss my ass!

Shooters aren't meant for time trials. If they were, they'd be counted in miliseconds, and not seconds. The seconds are made to earn bonuses and cheats, and not to prove how gosu you are by getting a million way tie by falling through the floor of the first level, and getting 6****************************! Ya, that is my idea of fun. Well that is that.

- The Project -

Well no real progress on that, but I'll resume after my callifornia run. Anyhow, that is all for now. I'm gonna go through and fix some dead links and pics.

Thursday, August 9th, 2002
10:53PM Pacific Time

- Love Page Down -

Well, someone complained about it, so cause one person out of the whole world doesn't like it, I got to take it down to avoid legal action, so I take it down. I would revise it, but I feel that would take away from the message I'm trying to deliver, so instead, I guess cause of one person in the world, you all get to miss out in something that is a big part of who I am. Oh well, gotta luv the world and the laws, and how they screw over a guy like me that is honest, and help people that hurt others.

- News on the Modifications of the Love Page / Old News -

Man, people act like I'm the enquirer. It's so funny how people can be so self-centered, that they have no idea that they really are exactly how I've said they are, with how they act. I only ask like a million advisors, and they all agree with me, about this, so cause of that, I stick to my guns. Hell, I even ask their friends, and even if they disagree with about everything I say, they either can't come up with a single thing disputing what I have said, insult me, or EVEN, accidentally help out my cause with proof of their deception (the person I slandered). So, if you you think your being wronged by me, and you don't want to see yourself in any more updates, just STFU and get out of my life, and yes, you will be out of the spotlight, and yes I will move on. Those news entries were 3 months old, ya know.

- Update on Just me, and my plans -

Well, everyone has been informed of my changes already. If you feel I haven't, just drop me an email, and I'll update you. Basically, I have changed most contact information (mostly chat client handles), and have started fresh with the people that have stuck by me, and haven't been lame or freaked out on me for no good reason.

Lately, I've just been working on and off, Enjoying college football, and casually doing my gaming projects (mostly chess now). I will be getting my new computer soon, and when I do, I will be learning Dreamweaver and other interfaces, and see where I go from there. Other than that, I have been dropping by my nephews, trying to help him with his homework and stuff.

Oh yes, and as always, Females and Stupidity in the form of lamers are on top of my $#!+ List. I'll spare you the babble, until I can form a good argument about it, but until then, just check out the revised Issues/Love page, and that should be plenty of clarification.

So Where next? Time will tell...

Sunday, October 6th, 2002
4:00am Pacific Time

- Page Modifications / Additions -

Yep, I know, long time, no update, but it's finally done. I have now revised my love page, and I redid how the issues page looks, so it should be much easier to read, cause it is made up with red and grey fonts, and is in aphebetical order. My next project will be a friends page, with possible side pages related to such a page. Still not 100% sure what I want to do with it, but I will figure out out.

Monday, October 14th, 2002
1:00Pm Pacific Time


Yep, it is now ready for the public to view. I haven't got it totally finished yet, but myself and 6 others are on it so far. The rest will be added from time to time, so check back at the bottom of the page.

- Got Milk? OR is it GET MILKED?-

I knew my short time in 4H as well as country living would come in handy someday.

Wednesday, April 9th, 2003
1:00Pm Pacific Time


Well Tripod was very lame, and took down my page. I think I'll refrain from asking why, but I'm not going to worry about it. I have now paied for my own stuff, and my domain, so who cares about tripod. Anyhow, I have updated and fixed most the pages, and added a few things to other pages as well, so enjoy the pages.

As far as what has happened since I have updated. Well my outlook on life is so much better, while life really isn't a whole lot better. Basically, I have realized that people do care about me on this earth, and I have now been able to get passed the pain in the past, and can finally appreciate the fact that I am cared about. I really don't know if I'll find the courage to get my life back on track, but things are getting slightly more clear. I have realized that I will not be happy, until I can support myself, and live on my own. I thnk it's something I should go for since I am 25, and living at home. Still, I have found that so many jobs out there don't allow you to do this without a college education. I' m not too hot about going back to college just to do that, so if I grow some balls, I plan to look for work, and persue some different jobs that might get me there.

As far as anything else, most of it will reflect in my page upates. I got a raise today at my current job, so that should bring in about another $500 in the next year! Either way, I think this is all for now, and I'll try to update things here more often with my thoughts on whatever. Stay tuned.

Friday, April 11th, 2003
3:01Am Pacific Time

- The Affect Of Sport -

Well basketball went ok. I didn't do all that great, but I did make the game-winning shot before I went to work. It's kinda weird about basketball. You get done playing, and you get sort of that exhaused feeling. Your mind wanders, and you start thinking about other things that would probably give you that same feeling, and you sort of go crazy. I tell you, it's worse than movies or watching others. There is nothing that reminds you how lonely you are than after basketball. One indeed is the loneliest number!

Thursday, April 10th, 2003
1:00am Pacific Time

- SSDD -

Well this page is near it's official release. I just have some finalities to take care of. Anyhow, you can definitely say this is a day for the record books. Words don't describe how special this day is, so I will not use words.

Outside of that, the basketball/work combo should be interesting today. I normally go at 7, but since work is at 9, I think I might want to change things up a bit, and get people to show up earlier. I'm going to have to run from baskteball to work pretty darn fast. The things I do to get a workout, I swear!

Wednesday, November 10th, 2004
1:20Am Pacific Time

- Woah an update! Check out love page. -

Well I finally got it done, and my littl' hun should be happy finally. I wonder how long til she happens to stumble apon it. Time will tell, but if you've been wondering what's been going on the whole time, well here's a clue. Kart 64 = chicks. Well, not really, but kinda, I guess.

Monday, April 14th, 2003
1:14Am Pacific Time

- Issues Page Updated -

I've really gotten sick and tired of human intollorance to a certain category. If you care to find out, it's at the issues page now.

Tuesday, February 15th, 2005
1:20Am Pacific Time

- Did I mention I hate stupidity? -

Some bitch tried to tell me that there has always been drop in not until 9 on weekdays. Well I got the proof here. One thing that will piss me off to no end is somebody telling me it's raining when they are really pissing on my shoe.

--3/12/06-- (Personal Update Phase)


Welcome all! I have finally reopened my page, and this time with my own domain...! I figured it's time that I finally make a statement and purchase my own domain. I can't say how much I'll work on the page, but I'll try to provide a reason for all my friends and whoever to come here and see it every once in awhile. Each day will have different themes. I'll make mondays conversation day, where you submit your best conversation you have had on the messenger to me, and I'll critique it. Like wednesday, well do a topic day, where I will just got on my soapbox about an issue, and then you can all email/im/whatever me and give me your take on it, and I'll post them on friday, with possible rebuttals or reexaminations. Outside of that, I'll add a new page, or whatever on the other days. Yes, I probably won't strictly go by these, but that gives you a general idea what I have in mind. Friday, I'll post some kewl quotes from the week. Just some short one or 2 liners, and maybe a response to them, if tempted to...

Either way, lets get to my updates as far as my week has gone. I will be doing that every sunday, and on occasion, if you have props or negs to give me, and want them posted, you know what to do!

- Sunday ¤BOOTH UPDATE¤ Day -

Well, I'm sure I could cover a lot of topics, but I think I will just cover my trip to Springfield, Missouri. I was orginally going to stay most of friday, and a good chunk of Saturday, but work begged me to work on my "day off", so I came back earlier, and ended up logging in nearly 11 hours of work that day.

So, ok, I took off for the trip around 1130pm. Roger from work said I could go early, since I agreed to do the work on saturday. The trip, I made pretty decent time, dispite the dumbasses pulling out in the fast lane, and clogging things up and cramping my style.

Ok, the trip had 2 purposes. The first one is to meet this gal named Janice. She I met from Yes, I know what you are all saying. Fully in agreement there, since I have had bad experiences before with hotornot meetings, and such. Yes, new years comes to mind. Either way, Janice has expressed interest in meeting me, and well, in me, in general. Since she moved to Springfield, and I know people there anyhow, I see no reason to be an avoider, so I arranged the meeting. My 2nd reason is the way more important one. I wanted to meet up with Cooper again. I know we both could use it, to get away from the grind, for awhile.

Either way, so I made my calls when I was about 10 miles away to both Cooper an Janice, and I decided since Cooper had a game to be at (for his band), that it would be more practical to meet Janice first. So, when I talked to her, she said her and her friends are going to be at the park throwing the football, so she invited me, and I said I would meet her there.

I found the place easy enough, and even from the distance, it seemed like it had to be them, but I was hessitant, cause heck, what if I was wrong? That would be pretty embarrasing, huh? Either way, I got over that pretty fast and just forced myself out of the car. So, I recognized her pretty quick, and introduced myself to her, and ya, I tried to be fairly personable to the rest, even though it felt completely awkward. I did end up clicking with one of the guys there, and we threw the football and talked for a long time.

I hardly even talked to Janice at all. She had to go back and forth, cause I guess one of the kids that were there had some sorta thing going on, and she needed to get something from home. Plus, when we talked, it just felt pretty awkward overall. I kinda had to talk to that one guy to find confort in all of this. Still, it seemed like we were going to play some football, so that was kinda exciting. I figure I could show off in front of them, so it wouldn't be a total loss, but then all of a sudden, they had to go (bad omen).

Ok, I'm sure they are just flakes, and it's not like that, however that is not a good way to make a good impression with me. I could tell ya some other stuff, but I don't think I want to type about this event forever. She did ask what I was doing later, and how long I'd be in town, but I decided at this point, I had enough, so I just used posture. Well, I wasn't lying, but the whole situation, even though they were all nice to me, I just felt completely out of place, to say the least. Defintely zero chemistry there. It might have been situational, but I'm not thinking so. It's kinda funny how she's all.. sweetheart, and hun, and all that on the window, but nothing of that sort in person. Either way, I think mostly I wanted it to be that way, but ya know, a part of you sometimes wants the suprise, although, not with everyone there, I don't think. Still though, she was nice, so I really can't get upset or anything. It just is what it is, and it went about how I expected. Just a casual meeting, and I'm kinda there, but I figure why not give it a try, cause ya never know...

Either way, enough about that... time to cover the part where I meet Cooper...

So after getting lost on backroads forever, I finally made it to where Cooper was and met up with him. We went back to his dorm where his best friend Zach was and another one of his friends Connie was there. They are totally a bunch of goofballs (typical college students), and I enjoyed their random interactions as we watched one of Robin Williams' comedy ruitines (which IMO, is one of the funniest commedians in the history of it all...) But ok, we didn't have too much time for much else cause Cooper needed to rush to get to his band for the basketball game. So, a few stories were exchanged, and so Coopster and I headed out, and Zach and Connie stayed behind. Cooper kinda wondered if I would too, but I didn't really know either of them all that well, and ya, other reasons, but not important.

I'm glad I went to the game. I got a ticket that was practically on the court! Section G, Row 1, seat 10... Right behind the basket. I could really study the game. The guy next to me to the left got me to turn into a nut, and it was really fun. Towards the end, I finally decided to turn into one, and well, needless to say, Missouri State went from a tied game, to a blowout! Ya, I just couldn't resist.

Well, there is a lot I can tell ya, but I'm getting tired of typing, so I'll just cover a few things. Since Zach and Connie were there, I didn't push too hard to kart, cause they couldn't really get involved in that, and so I watched about 2 hours of the 70s show. It's actually pretty funny. They really do characters pretty well these days on the sitcoms. It kinda reminds me of the days I used to watch all these kinda shows with my dad. Good times.

But yes, Cooper and I did Kart, and I won the FS battle with a 1'41"7x time, I believe, or something like that. Cooper had me waxed, but he blew a good run. Oh well. Either way, we said our goodbyes, and while Connie was going to get a movie for Cooper and Zach to watch, Cooper and I walked outside to talk for a bit, and kinda get me pointed the right direction. We actually talked quite awhile, and lost track of the time, until Connie called, and was like wtf, so he headed back. We shook hands, and that was that. Although, I will say that's the first time I've ever shaken someones hand for 10 seconds.

See, that's why I like to meet people from the kart site vs anywhere else. It's cause we have that bond, ya know. I don't neither of us really wanted to go at that point, but both of us needed to get back to what we needed to do. Me leaving early was a very good move, cause I got the extra rest I needed to get through that 11 hour day, and ya, there is always next week, cause Cooper will have spring break next week.

Either way, I'd say that made the whole trip worth it. It was a much needed trip to get away from work and the solitude of my appartment.

--3/15/06-- (Conversation/Message Board Post Analysis Phase)

- VAJ's Message Board Post... Does Kart have rounding point errors, and if so, should we change conversion rate to 1.2025 to compensate? -

First Highlight is that he says that it's unfair that Myles says that he shoots his mouth. Well, I think Myles Judged this right, cause if you read the thread, you will see that he clearly hasn't done research in previous conversion theory, as well as why we have had the problems we have had in conversions. Plus, I think he is very disrespective to the community by how he voices his opinion on this very sensitive topic. I feel Myles' judgement on this was a fair comment, although a smidge aggressive, for the purpose.

After that... he just went on and on. Now, what he's saying does make a lot of sense, esp cause I know there is a round point glitch in Kart 64. In rare cases, your splits don't add up in NTSC, and in PAL conversions, it's not even rare at all... I've had to purposely change them up .01 or down .01 to make them make sense at times. The way I see it is, that it is just a part of the game, and while it makes sense to adjust for it logically, it's just a pain, and really, when it comes to an unexact science like conversions from 2 completely different games, I think the better policy is just to accept that it's just an estimation, and is not 100% accurate. I think people really need to understand this, and lets quit talking about conversions and all this stuff please!!!

If you are a glutten for punishment, just read the link...


--4/3/06-- (Personal Update)

- Intro -

Well, whatever, I got lazy again. Either way, I'm skipping my nap to write an update, so be happy I'm even doing that! :) Ok seriously, hi everyone, and sorry for neglecting you, but things have been nuts around here. Unless you work for the Real Gay Inventory Service, you wouldn't understand. Either way, I'll update you on that and whatever else I have been up to, which hasn't been much outside work, let me tell ya! Either way, I'll get you updated, in well relavance order on my mind.

- RGIS -

OH MY GOD! I worked 88 hours... not in 2 weeks, but... A FUCKING WEEK! Talk about crazy, huh? It was the first time in a long time that I didn't have time to even talk to people on the computer, and barely had time to eat or sleep. Heck, with anything else, ya know. I think things did get better in my working situation a bit after this, cause I think some people finally realized that I work hard, and I'm willing to do what it takes. Still sadly, others believe what they want to believe.

ALthough things are great as far as the $ goes, let me tell ya... Well, the fact I haven't done my training, and the fact that our district is just out of control unorganized, it's just sad. I can't go into specifics for obvious reasons, but it's a sad state of affairs. No shows, miscommunication, and just people out of freaking control, and it's making me and everyone else look bad. It's so hard to take sometimes, cause I like to thinK I am doing a good job, but clearly, I can't under these conditions.

I thought to go to the Ops about it, and file a grievance, but I figure that their stupidity is my profit, and I can just begin my training on my own, and just get ready for the next stop in my career. It sickens me to do this, but after talking to my core support group (friends and family), well it's clear that's the best choice for me. Sadly, it's not the right choice, and I think it's a bit chicken shit, but whatever, it's just like fucking high school all over again and I have to roll over to make everyone happy. Pisses me off. Someday, I swear, I won't have to do this, and that will be a good day.

Seriously, I would help this district still, and I would work my ass off to get them up to speed, if they would just let me, and give me some athority to do, but they won't. Without that, I am powerless to make changes. Most people think I'm stupid in this district, and the sad thing is, I'm way fucking smarter than all of them combined, but I pretend not to be, so they will leave me the fuck alone, and let me do my job.

It's just sad. Other districts look at this, and just chuckle. They are in shock just how little control I have, and have on many occasions asked why I don't just lay down the line, cause it should be my way or the highway, since I am their boss, but ya know, I'm not their boss. In fact, I don't even really feel a part of the management team here. I am nearly always out of the loop, and am totally reactive instead of proactive. It's a bunch of bullshit.

Whatever, I'll just collect my paycheck, and stfu, cause who wants to hear me wine when I'm living high off the hog, right? Well, it's just sad. We can do so much better, and I just feel I'm not living my life, but instead, settling, and that's not what I am about. I am about making an impact, and I'm tried of settling for ty? sp? Whatever, you know what I mean.

For those that believe in me in district 347, thank you for your support, and I will serve you well, and I have your back always. For the rest of you, go fuck yourself!


Only playing one game currently. Day Of The Tenachle. It is the sequal to maniac mansion. I got it from a contact from work. I am starting to get stuck in the game, but I think I'm still figuring out a lot of things. Either way, It's a great change from competitive games, which I cannot stand anymore. Usually some asshole ruins it for me, or in the example of kart, it takes me playing hours a day to be able to even pr, and I don't want to do that. If I was MJ, I'd still play every waking moment, but since I am not MJ, it can wait for some other year.

- Females -

Not a whole lot there. I did have a chat with some gal off yahoo that was pretty cool. I think I'll continue to get to know her better when time permits. Outside of that, I got a double match request from this person:

As you can see, not a good idea to talk to this one. She sounds far too despirate by what she put in her profile, and even if that wasn't a big deal, you know I'm not into what she's into, so that would be a horrible idea. Heck 99/100 females would be a horrible idea for me. Either way, no new leads, and thank god, cause I don't need to crush on some fucking flake, so good for me! Keep the new years resolution alive!

- Adviseline -

Well, for awhile, I got tired of giving out advice, because people did the exact opposite, but I think that is changing for the better! I got one gal attempting to get off the hard drugs, and another one working out her relationship problems. I think people are understanding that it is possible to beat these things, and that what I am saying makes a lot of sense, since well, I have done my research and all.

--4/6/06-- (Stupid Females)

- Janice Conver -

Stupid bitch IM'd my secret yahoo name. Ya know, I have like 4 days off, and I'll probably spend 99% of this time alone in my appartment, and you want to know why? It's cause I really don't like liars and drama and all that shit. People are lame, and everyday I get proof of it. So here's your proof right here!:

halo6869: hey
halo6869: where are you from again?
shadowcat1088: lol
halo6869: why lol
shadowcat1088: funny how you quit IMing me after you saw me
shadowcat1088: but that's ok
shadowcat1088: goes taht way 99/100
halo6869: after i seen you?
shadowcat1088: yeppers
halo6869: when did i see you?
shadowcat1088: if you don't know, then that is sad
halo6869: say what?
halo6869: i have been through a lot of stress and shit down here in springfield
halo6869: are you in kc?
shadowcat1088: lol
halo6869: wtf
shadowcat1088: well it's just funny
shadowcat1088: you were all like baby and honey and crap
shadowcat1088: and you didn't even know me
shadowcat1088: soon as you knew me
shadowcat1088: you disappeared
shadowcat1088: then I IM'd ya
shadowcat1088: and you were all quiet
shadowcat1088: but that's ok
shadowcat1088: just proved me right
halo6869: when did i see you?
shadowcat1088: doesn't matter

Either way, if you want to pass on the lamer award, here you go!

--4/9/06-- (Personal Update Day)

- Intro -

Well I think I'm going to announce my page on Myspace, and other places now. Either way, a lot I have been holding back, so I can think it out, and figure out a way to explain it to everybody on here. Plus with the work place stressing the wrist out, I figure I should wait to type up a major project. Now to answer some of your pressing questions, as of late... Actually, I'll just do the major one everyone is asking about now!

- BURBS 86'd -

Ya, I figured I'd wait for this, in case you all thought this was an April Fool's joke, or something. It's true though, Burbs and I are no longer no speaking terms. I'd say the beginning of the end was sometime towards the end of the year, when I just got sick and tired of his usual wining about being short/fat/ugly/whatever. I left, and pretty much anytime he'd be like that, I would leave. I know what you are thinking... What kinda friend am I? Well, you have to realize, he's been doing this daily for 5 years, and with oppurtunites to change it, and ya know, I have a warm heart, but 5 years is bullshit, so I was fed up with that.

So ya, we still talked, but I'd say after that, I didn't really talk to him near as much as I used to. Also, the fact that I got a verizon cell specifically so he could call me anytime and vis versa, and he never calls at all with it! Besides that, I've just hulstered a lot of hate towards him, but you know how I am when someone is nice to me. I put up with things like that and such.

I feel Burbs has been holding me back. I always knew it, but that's where I was, for quite some time, in my life. Now that I am on my own, and I am making it happen in the work force, and my life, I just can't relate to someone that is only willing to work 20 hours a week (excluding christmas) the rest of his life. He has aspirations, but he'll never get anywhere cause he won't take the steps. He talks about playing for a band, and all this other shit, but I know he never will, so what is the point in talking about it? He used to have me listen to his stuff for hours, and let me tell ya, he does have talent, but I'm not going to get him there, cause I know next to nothing about the industry, and I sure don't got connections, and as far as the band goes, if I even had that desire, I'd do music that he woudn't like...

Oh yes, that's another thing about the guy, he's stubborn and has to have everything his way. I was ok with that, cause honestly, it wasn't that big of a deal for me, and since I was alone all the time, I didn't mind letting him choose to do whatever he wanted to, and usually it was eating at Shari's, and I like food, so why not?

Either way, I have already mentioned plenty to rationalize my decision for at least being distant aquantances. Now I'll show you just how much of a pussy he is. This is even suprising for me, because the reason I have stayed his friend all these years, is cause unlike his other friends, that have to chase him down all the time, so he'll do anything, he always made the effort with me, but you'll see what changed that. So what did... yep... HE GOT A GIRLFRIEND! FREAKING MIRACLE!

Either way, this gal named Jessi IM'd me one day. I'm like... great... another Burbs chick... Can't wait for the same story. I love him, and I think he loves me, but later to find out he doesn't, and then she goes psycho on me, and I'm stuck to pick up the pieces and fix it, and then she moves on, and finds someone else, and then just as I get to know her, she disappears, cause the only reason I get talked to is so she can get closer to him, and of course, the only reason I put up with it, is in the hopes that the gal will see I was the better choice afterall. Thank god, different story this time!

Jessi did start it out as expected, by asking that dreaded question. Will Josh ever hurt me? Well, I had to be honest, and say that I honestly don't know, and I honestly don't know if he even likes you, cause he pulls this stupid bullshit all the time. Don't get me wrong. He doesn't know he's doing it, and really, it's socially accepable as a guy to act like him in social situations. This social situation being the messenger window, cause god knows, unless he's at work, or on the computer, the guy is too chicken shit to do this. Either way, the beef I always had with him is that I'd tell him over and over and over that what he's doing is wrong, and he wouldn't change his behavior. I have a theory about this, and I think it is cause deep down, he likes them, but he doesn't want to get involved cause of his personal feelings about the situation, but he needs to subconciously fill that whole, so he does what he does, while in denial. If you saw him around Christine and Ashley, you would know 100% what I do. It's traumatizing at best.

Ok though, as time went on, I realized Jessi was the real deal. She was able to penetrate Burbs' wall, and from hearing just her side, I determined this was for real. I figured this time, I would butt out of it, and let Burbs do something for himself, for once, since it never helped me to interfere, but this was driving me nuts. I waited over a month to say much to Burbs. Occasionally, I'd bait him wiht a hint, which would piss off Jess, but he's a dumbass, so like it really fucking matters. Man listening to her talk about Burbs was so hard for me, but you know me, and my servant heart, so I let her do it, cause I figure I could calm her down and such. I was actually very negative about her and Burbs getting together, cause I mistaked her confidence for the usual bullshit that the other gals pulled, so ya, I did it, but I was against them getting together.

Then a text message came in. "DOOD IM SCARED!" I'm telling ya, as soon as I saw that, a smile came on my face, and I called her immediately. I felt needed again, and from that point on, I was on team Jessi all the way, and I was going to see it through and have them be together. I still knew Burbs would go mental if he knew I was intervening, so I just pumped up Jess to keep doing what she was doing, cause she was doing a great job, but ya, I'll skip the details.

What lead to the end is this... Jessi got scared again, and felt once again that she wasn't sure if he liked her or not, and well I just lost it right then and there. It's been over a month, and Burbs says nothing about Jessi. NOTHING, and I am his best fucking friend supposedly, so I was pissed. Here is the actual conversation:

03/08/2006 09:05:44 PM ] FloMaster426: whats up booth?
[03/08/2006 09:05:44 PM ] *** Auto-response sent to FloMaster426: Away for Various Reasons.
[03/08/2006 09:05:52 PM ] KevinBoothWWDB: keeping up wiht windows
[03/08/2006 09:06:01 PM ] FloMaster426: got ahold of yoru dad tonite
[03/08/2006 09:06:33 PM ] KevinBoothWWDB: kewlness
[03/08/2006 09:07:05 PM ] FloMaster426: yeah, sounds like its good news too
[03/08/2006 09:09:59 PM ] KevinBoothWWDB: nice
[03/08/2006 09:10:28 PM ] FloMaster426: yeah
[03/08/2006 09:10:39 PM ] FloMaster426: your dad said that its typical for metal to be found in the botton of transmission pans
[03/08/2006 09:10:57 PM ] KevinBoothWWDB: so it may not have to be replaced?/rebuilt?
[03/08/2006 09:11:18 PM ] FloMaster426: yeah
[03/08/2006 09:41:28 PM ] KevinBoothWWDB: grrr
[03/08/2006 09:41:36 PM ] FloMaster426: what happened
[03/08/2006 09:41:45 PM ] KevinBoothWWDB: you tell me
[03/08/2006 09:42:01 PM ] FloMaster426: im not exactly sure
[03/08/2006 09:42:26 PM ] KevinBoothWWDB: ya right
[03/08/2006 09:47:27 PM ] KevinBoothWWDB: you're a horrible liar
[03/08/2006 09:47:40 PM ] FloMaster426: where did that come from booth?
[03/08/2006 09:47:44 PM ] KevinBoothWWDB: no comment
[03/08/2006 09:49:17 PM ] FloMaster426: nobody ever said i was a good liar booth
[03/08/2006 09:50:20 PM ] KevinBoothWWDB: well you can cut the act now
[03/08/2006 09:50:26 PM ] KevinBoothWWDB: and you can start talkign to me
[03/08/2006 09:50:59 PM ] FloMaster426: im taking care of it, i guess she didnt see my point of view
[03/08/2006 09:51:32 PM ] KevinBoothWWDB: if I ask a question
[03/08/2006 09:51:35 PM ] KevinBoothWWDB: will you give me an honest answer?
[03/08/2006 09:52:16 PM ] FloMaster426: reguarding what?
[03/08/2006 09:52:26 PM ] KevinBoothWWDB: dont' answer my questions with a question
[03/08/2006 09:52:37 PM ] KevinBoothWWDB: this isn't a conditional question
[03/08/2006 09:52:50 PM ] KevinBoothWWDB: yes or no
[03/08/2006 09:53:46 PM ] FloMaster426: if this involves my friendship with jessi, she is my spokesperson :-P
[03/08/2006 09:54:01 PM ] KevinBoothWWDB: bullshit
[03/08/2006 09:55:04 PM ] KevinBoothWWDB: If I'm really #1 on your list
[03/08/2006 09:57:10 PM ] KevinBoothWWDB: you are going to piss me off
[03/08/2006 09:57:44 PM ] FloMaster426: what
[03/08/2006 09:57:49 PM ] KevinBoothWWDB: knockthat off
[03/08/2006 09:57:52 PM ] KevinBoothWWDB: yes or no
[03/08/2006 09:57:58 PM ] KevinBoothWWDB: will you be honest wiht my next question
[03/08/2006 09:58:06 PM ] KevinBoothWWDB: I'm keeping it simple
[03/08/2006 09:58:09 PM ] KevinBoothWWDB: giving you 2 options
[03/08/2006 09:58:57 PM ] FloMaster426: thats 2 too many booth
[03/08/2006 09:59:10 PM ] KevinBoothWWDB: Burbs
[03/08/2006 09:59:16 PM ] KevinBoothWWDB: answer right now
[03/08/2006 09:59:21 PM ] KevinBoothWWDB: or you will regret what I will say next
[03/08/2006 09:59:42 PM ] FloMaster426: you dont gotta threaten me dude
[03/08/2006 09:59:46 PM ] FloMaster426: sheesh
[03/08/2006 09:59:47 PM ] KevinBoothWWDB: yes I do
[03/08/2006 09:59:49 PM ] FloMaster426: why
[03/08/2006 09:59:53 PM ] KevinBoothWWDB: because you won't answer
[03/08/2006 10:00:00 PM ] FloMaster426: well, maybe i dont want to answer you
[03/08/2006 10:00:05 PM ] KevinBoothWWDB: ok have it your way
[03/08/2006 10:00:18 PM ] KevinBoothWWDB: you have pissed me off
[03/08/2006 10:00:34 PM ] KevinBoothWWDB: Burbs you are a fucking idiot
[03/08/2006 10:00:38 PM ] KevinBoothWWDB: you are doing it again
[03/08/2006 10:00:46 PM ] KevinBoothWWDB: and I am sick an fucking tired of dealing with this shit
[03/08/2006 10:00:57 PM ] KevinBoothWWDB: I hope you really do like her, and you aren't just filling he wthi a bunch of words
[03/08/2006 10:00:59 PM ] KevinBoothWWDB: cause if you are
[03/08/2006 10:01:06 PM ] KevinBoothWWDB: you can consider our friendship over
[03/08/2006 10:01:18 PM ] KevinBoothWWDB: that's all I have to say
[03/08/2006 10:01:20 PM ] KevinBoothWWDB: bye

For once, I stood up for the girl. Yet, nobody appreciates it. Finally, the next day he was all like... Yes I like her... was that so fucking hard? Ya, I know he didn't know he was allowed and blah blah blah, but come on, if I really was his best friend, he'd just tell me anyhow, cause we all know that's how it works. Really what this shows me is just how much of a pussy he is, and just how much I don't like the kinda person he is. It wasn't too long after this that I realize he causes me too much stress in a day, and it's best if we don't talk to eachother anymore, and that is that. I'm not needed now anyhow, and him and Jessi are doing great. It's everything I wanted for the guy, so my job is done, and it's time for me to be the one to move on with my life, and not the gal this time! So I see it as a win/win, and this should be the end. Yes, I know, it's been many years, but ya know what... That was the past, and the present and future is different, and we have grown apart. It's time!

[03/09/2006 07:39:00 PM ] FloMaster426: im sorry that i didnt want to tell you booth, i just wanted to keep this on the down low, and keep it between her and i
[03/09/2006 07:39:17 PM ] KevinBoothWWDB: I guess you dont' get it
[03/09/2006 07:39:24 PM ] KevinBoothWWDB: I shouldn't be hearing about this from Jessi
[03/09/2006 07:39:29 PM ] KevinBoothWWDB: I should be hearign about it from you
[03/09/2006 07:39:32 PM ] FloMaster426: i know
[03/09/2006 07:39:36 PM ] KevinBoothWWDB: and that's all I've heard
[03/09/2006 07:39:42 PM ] KevinBoothWWDB: for many weeks now
[03/09/2006 07:39:43 PM ] KevinBoothWWDB: in fact
[03/09/2006 07:39:47 PM ] KevinBoothWWDB: February 13th
[03/09/2006 07:39:51 PM ] KevinBoothWWDB: she told me how she felt about you
[03/09/2006 07:39:53 PM ] KevinBoothWWDB: that's how long I've known
[03/09/2006 07:39:57 PM ] KevinBoothWWDB: you have no idea
[03/09/2006 07:40:04 PM ] KevinBoothWWDB: what Iv'e gone throug
[03/09/2006 07:40:06 PM ] KevinBoothWWDB: and all this time
[03/09/2006 07:40:11 PM ] KevinBoothWWDB: I thought it was the same thign all over again
[03/09/2006 07:40:15 PM ] FloMaster426: no
[03/09/2006 07:40:27 PM ] KevinBoothWWDB: and you know it took her weeks
[03/09/2006 07:40:30 PM ] KevinBoothWWDB: for me to be ok with it
[03/09/2006 07:40:36 PM ] KevinBoothWWDB: I honestly was wishing she'd shut up abuot you
[03/09/2006 07:40:37 PM ] KevinBoothWWDB: cause I felt
[03/09/2006 07:40:40 PM ] KevinBoothWWDB: it was all not for real
[03/09/2006 07:40:45 PM ] KevinBoothWWDB: and I'd have to pick up the pieces
[03/09/2006 07:40:51 PM ] KevinBoothWWDB: but a couple things she said
[03/09/2006 07:40:59 PM ] KevinBoothWWDB: made me realize it was for eral
[03/09/2006 07:41:02 PM ] KevinBoothWWDB: but Burbs
[03/09/2006 07:41:08 PM ] KevinBoothWWDB: you sh ould be the first one to tell me these thigns
[03/09/2006 07:41:09 PM ] KevinBoothWWDB: NOT her
[03/09/2006 07:41:10 PM ] KevinBoothWWDB: YOU
[03/09/2006 07:41:21 PM ] FloMaster426: well, i wanted to keep it a her and i thing
[03/09/2006 07:41:24 PM ] KevinBoothWWDB: well
[03/09/2006 07:41:31 PM ] KevinBoothWWDB: you can keep it a you and her thign
[03/09/2006 07:41:34 PM ] KevinBoothWWDB: and I prefer you do
[03/09/2006 07:41:46 PM ] KevinBoothWWDB: but I think Ihave the right
[03/09/2006 07:41:46 PM ] KevinBoothWWDB: to know
[03/09/2006 07:41:50 PM ] KevinBoothWWDB: if yo are leading yet another gal on again
[03/09/2006 07:41:55 PM ] FloMaster426: no im not
[03/09/2006 07:41:55 PM ] KevinBoothWWDB: esp when
[03/09/2006 07:41:59 PM ] KevinBoothWWDB: they bring it to me
[03/09/2006 07:42:03 PM ] KevinBoothWWDB: their concerns
[03/09/2006 07:42:04 PM ] KevinBoothWWDB: their fears
[03/09/2006 07:42:07 PM ] KevinBoothWWDB: I mean wtf am I supposed tos ay
[03/09/2006 07:42:12 PM ] KevinBoothWWDB: when my best friend won't tellm e shit
[03/09/2006 07:42:15 PM ] KevinBoothWWDB: I can only speculate
[03/09/2006 07:42:24 PM ] FloMaster426: im not leading her on
[03/09/2006 07:42:27 PM ] FloMaster426: it is offical
[03/09/2006 07:42:36 PM ] FloMaster426: and, i'd like to keep it down low
[03/09/2006 07:42:41 PM ] KevinBoothWWDB: look
[03/09/2006 07:42:43 PM ] KevinBoothWWDB: for the last time
[03/09/2006 07:42:48 PM ] KevinBoothWWDB: all I wanted to know was
[03/09/2006 07:42:49 PM ] KevinBoothWWDB: if you liked her
[03/09/2006 07:42:53 PM ] KevinBoothWWDB: that's all I was going to ask
[03/09/2006 07:43:03 PM ] FloMaster426: yes i do booth
[03/09/2006 07:43:06 PM ] KevinBoothWWDB: there
[03/09/2006 07:43:08 PM ] KevinBoothWWDB: was that so fucking hard?
[03/09/2006 07:43:16 PM ] FloMaster426: i thought it wasnt what you were gonna ask
[03/09/2006 07:43:23 PM ] KevinBoothWWDB: even if it wasn't
[03/09/2006 07:43:26 PM ] KevinBoothWWDB: I'm your best damn fucking friend
[03/09/2006 07:43:30 PM ] KevinBoothWWDB: why do I have to hear stuff from Jessi
[03/09/2006 07:43:38 PM ] KevinBoothWWDB: and nto you
[03/09/2006 07:43:47 PM ] KevinBoothWWDB: either way
[03/09/2006 07:43:55 PM ] KevinBoothWWDB: that's all ya gotta say
[03/09/2006 07:44:31 PM ] FloMaster426: ok
[03/09/2006 07:44:32 PM ] FloMaster426: im sorry
[03/09/2006 07:44:59 PM ] KevinBoothWWDB: either way
[03/09/2006 07:45:07 PM ] KevinBoothWWDB: the rest I leave to her
[03/09/2006 07:45:17 PM ] KevinBoothWWDB: I'm passing the torch
[03/09/2006 07:45:19 PM ] KevinBoothWWDB: my job is done
[03/09/2006 07:45:42 PM ] FloMaster426: well, i know sometimes you get grumpy when i talk about girls, so i wasnt gonna say anything
[03/09/2006 07:45:43 PM ] FloMaster426: ya know?
[03/09/2006 07:45:54 PM ] KevinBoothWWDB: don't you understand why I get grumpy?
[03/09/2006 07:46:00 PM ] KevinBoothWWDB: cause you neer had any intentions
[03/09/2006 07:46:04 PM ] KevinBoothWWDB: and you would flurt wtih them
[03/09/2006 07:46:06 PM ] KevinBoothWWDB: and hrut them
[03/09/2006 07:46:09 PM ] KevinBoothWWDB: you know how tired I got of that shit
[03/09/2006 07:46:15 PM ] KevinBoothWWDB: they didn't deserve that
[03/09/2006 07:46:25 PM ] KevinBoothWWDB: and I thought you were doing that with her again for while
[03/09/2006 07:46:30 PM ] KevinBoothWWDB: but then when I discovered it wa real
[03/09/2006 07:46:37 PM ] KevinBoothWWDB: then I was pissed you wouldn't just tell me
[03/09/2006 07:46:45 PM ] KevinBoothWWDB: you know roles reversed
[03/09/2006 07:46:52 PM ] KevinBoothWWDB: I'd tell you how happy I am
[03/09/2006 07:47:54 PM ] FloMaster426: i know
[03/09/2006 07:47:59 PM ] KevinBoothWWDB: anyhow I'm done here
[03/09/2006 07:48:06 PM ] KevinBoothWWDB: I'm going to need awhile to cool down
[03/09/2006 07:48:19 PM ] KevinBoothWWDB: I wish I didn't have to beat thes thigns out of you
[03/09/2006 07:48:23 PM ] KevinBoothWWDB: I wanted you to share this with me
[03/09/2006 07:48:27 PM ] KevinBoothWWDB: so I could be happy with you
[03/09/2006 07:48:30 PM ] KevinBoothWWDB: and congratulate you
[03/09/2006 07:48:36 PM ] KevinBoothWWDB: and possibly even celebrate a little
[03/09/2006 07:48:43 PM ] KevinBoothWWDB: and then wish you the best
[03/09/2006 07:48:47 PM ] KevinBoothWWDB: from here on out
[03/09/2006 07:48:49 PM ] FloMaster426: well, im sorry
[03/09/2006 07:48:53 PM ] KevinBoothWWDB: but it's just all scrweed up now

I'm glad the years of Torment and him pulling his sick shit is over, and he can be in a healthy relationship, but ya know, it's up to me now, and I honestly can't forgive him for the years of putting up with it, so I'm moving on with my life, and looks like he will too under jessi's arms, so that's that. I am not needed here, and I sure as hell don't need him for shit, so bye Burbs!

--4/11/06-- Jessi is a fucking tweeker


Jessi needs to shut the fuck up! check this shit out!!

JESS THE SPAZZOID-- OKay, so liiiikke.. I dont give a fuck who sees this first of all.....I mean I do, but I hope Kevin sees it and knows that if I were near him, or he still lived here.. then I would fuckin kick his ass.

KB-- Yep, the first act of a lower life form... Threaten violence, cause you know, they can't win this battle with reasoning. What a spaz, she continues.

JESS THE SPAZZOID-- YOu got me soo mad, I was shaking and I havent been THAT fuckin mad in over 7 years.

KB-- Over stupid things I feel about Josh for my own reasons. That is retarded. Nowhere did I say I don't support their relationship, nor do I say anywhere that I don't wish them the best, and most of all, I honestly am happy they have eachother, and I hope they eventually have whatever they want with eachother. They can raise that kid, and they can even aveange the fact that both of them had shaky childhoods, and they can provide her kid with one, so ya know , as far as that goes, I have nothing but praise. My personal feelings about Burbs doesn't mean shit, except ok, he doesn't like it, but ya know what, he had 2 months to be a man and fix it if he cared, but he didn't, so that shows that he has changed. I am ok with this. I accept it. What I don't like is constantly being badgered to make up with him, when I don't like who he is, and who he represents, and because people wouldn't shut the fuck up about him, and take the hint, that's why this is all on my website. These are my personal opinions, and if you can't take those, tough shit.

JESS THE SPAZZOID-- SECOND OF ALL: Just so you all know... I think the world of my boyfriend.

KB-- As you should. (Tempting to make a crack here, but I won't) (VERY tempting cause you are a fucking spaz, and your personal insults just show just how little of a life you have.)

JESS THE SPAZZOID-- I am very very dissapointed in Kevin right now due to the fact that he wasnt man enough to tell his OWN BEST FRIEND how he felt on THE PHONE.

KB-- I don't need to. He knows how I feel, and I expressed it already, and then he ran away like a little pussy, so I said my piece, then everyone wanted me to make the move to make up, when I had zero interests making up wiht the guy, so ya know what, fuck that shit, and that comment. It's ridiculous to be called the person "not man enough", when it was HIM not ME that wants this friendship. All truth told, I got tired of being his friend as of the beginning of 2006. I just realized how much of a moron he is, and I was planning on not being his friend for too much longer, but this kinda sped up the process.

JESS THE SPAZZOID-- Instead he had to write about it on his Kart website.

KB-- Once again, proving how much of a dumbass Jess is. has nothing to do with kart. It's just my site and I just do whatever on it. Once again proving how much of a simpleton she is.

JESS THE SPAZZOID-- That is the pussiest thing I have ever seen. Never in my life have I seen something done like that. YOu know, my best friend has put up with a lot from me, and I have put up with her endless crap, too but you know what?? The good ALWAYS outweighs the bad.

KB-- Great for you. Sorry, but being Burbs' friend was always painful for me. Doesn't matter. It's my decision, and that is that. If I don't want to be the guys friend, it's a free country.

JESS THE SPAZZOID-- Now, Im definately not telling him how to run his life,

KB-- From cleaning my appartment, to drinking tea, to who knows what, she is adiment about this shit. Yes, she basically has told me how to run my life, and well, nobody tells me how to run my life anymore. That's why I live on my own.

JESS THE SPAZZOID-- because OH BELIVE ME he has tried to make Josh his little hand puppet for fuckin years.. and when he finally cant do that anymore, he basically takes it out on him and passively through me???

KB-- Oh yes, I've really tried to make him my hand puppet. That's why I always make the sacrifice and spend hours apon hours fixing his god damn mistakes. That's why I go with him to Sharis and listen to him play his fuckin guitar for hours, and talk about cars, because I want to make him his puppet. 99% of the time we went and did anything, it was his idea, and always how he wanted it. I was fine with that, cause heck, I didn't mind going out, and I really never had any better ideas, but don't turn this around and make it like Burbs was one of my cronies. You being with him should know you can't make him that, and you are stupid for even thinking I tried to do that. I'm smart enough to know you can't change the guy.

JESS THE SPAZZOID-- Well, Ill tell you something Kevin. I think, that you need to look in the mirror. If youre not happy with yourself, then you need to tell yourself that.

KB-- I've never denyed not being happy with myself. Life is just a constant project at work. If I was satisfied with who I was, that would be the problem. Trust me, I know my weaknesses very well. I live with them everyday, so don't parade like you know more than me.

JESS THE SPAZZOID-- I feel personally attacked, and for that matter, I dont feel like I need to be put in the envolvement of youre horseplay and youre childish mindgames anymore. I think it was the only thing that you thought you could have said to maybe make whatever manifested pain to go away.

KB-- Yes, I felt like venting. You've done it too, so no worries. Personally attacked... Well, it starts now bitch. You want personal attacks... I'll show ya personal attacks... You're a god damn fucking spaz. Why do you even care what I think of Burbs, or you, or anyone else? Just go away. You put yourself in this envirnment. Who IM's who? Who calls who? Who really ever wanted to talk to who? Yes, I did for awhile, but once I realized you were a spaz, I was starting to phase you out, but you wouldn't go away, so if writing a bunch of shit about your boyfriend is what is nessessary, than so be it. Horseplay and mind games. Na... I'm not playing games. I want you and faggot to break all communication with me from this point on. Get on with your life, and leave mine alone, Ok?

JESS THE SPAZZOID-- Either way, Im not going to talk to you anymore. That was, with no doubt in my mind the most childish thing I think I could have seen anyone do.

KB-- Like that's a fucking loss. Seriously, you're a tweaker, and your boyfriend is a closet gay. All the girls say it, and with as whipped as you have turned him, I believe them now. He wants it up the ass, but he can't accept it, cause it would go against his pussy ass morals. If you think you are all of a sudden a specialist on Burbs, think again. I know the guy inside out. Seriously, you 2 have a great thing going. Instead of being so concerned about wtf I think about ya all, just go enjoy your life. I'm not asking to be in it, I don't want to be in it, I don't want to hear about it, and I sure as hell want nothing from either of you. Go AWAY! GO AWAY! GO AWAY!

--6/21/06-- Whatever

- Lumped Up Update -

Well I've been lazy, so I think I'll just give you a lumped up update for you all. As much as I hate to do it, I'm going to have to be vague about a lot of details, because I just don't want anymore drama. I got very lucky that it was put to an end, and the sad thing is, now that it's over, I've gained nothing, and I've hurt a lot of people and lost a lot of friends. It's been a very horrible stretch. One I have hoped I wouldn't have to go through again. Sometimes you just want things to be different than they seem, but that's not the way the world works. What you see is really what you get. The sooner I accept that, the better.

One thing is now I really do know who I can trust, and who I can't through this. I was able to determine that by listening to what in all that was going on. I can see who I can trust, who I can't, and who it just crazy out of their mind. I can see those I can help, those that there is absolutely no help for, and those that really are ok the way they are, regardless of the fact they need help. I also see who's impression of me will never waver under the hard times, and that's a good thing to see.

Work has been ridiculously bad. Now AL all bitches me out about the bad piqa's. He says they are just mine. I kinda got raped in this one, cause I was completely unprepared for this interrigation. I was like dead tired, and just wanted to go home. I knew I needed to avoid the guy, but I needed to get pouches. I hate coming by that office during the day. I guess one of my comments ended up showing up his paperwork. Basically in a customer evaluation, I just basically sold out my management team, and made them look like idiots. And what do I get for this??? A bit of reprementing, and the fact he wants to train me more now?

Seriously, I am getting tired of the real gay inventory service. This whole company is just opperating under a bunch of lies, and I won't be a part of that. If the customer is honest with me, I'm going to be honest back, and I've told them what I've been through, and they all feel sorry for me. They don't know how I do it and they compliment me all the time. I'm also tired of fucking doign the whole strive for 5 bullshit speech, so the reason I've been getting bad piqas is because the whole fucking piqa thing is stupid anyhow. If you have to explain to someone how they should rate you, then what is the fucking point? It's all just a stupid fucking game. I'm agreeing to the training just to get extra hours, but after that, RGIS can go fuck themselves. I'm coming back to Oregon, and I'll do RGIS part time and some other job the other part.

FEMALES! You know I can't go an update without talking about them! Well via Josh's EX GF... Yep, he broke it off finally, but I don't want to go into that. Either way, the gal said I was hot, so when I finally talked to her, we like immedidately hit it off, and life was good for awhile. After that, her friend got all jealous, and got the total wrong idea about my post on the my space blog. I just was excited that down the road, I could have a future with this gal. Well, then all that stupid drama went down, and I have to let her know my fucking skeletons, and that's always the beginning of the end. Now while she didn't change cause of it, I can tell that the time off that we had to have due to her friend acting all irratic for no reason, well, we lost a lot of momentum, and so for once in my life, I saw what was going on, and I told her the honest truth. As much as I like her, I'm going to have to let myself down easy. Of course, she all did the whole focus on herself, and that nobody likes her and blah blah blah ruitine. Eventually, she realized I was serious, and she dropped the subject and called it a night. Next night, she's all flurty again, and that's ok and all, but since I only flurt with intent, and not I need to refrain from these sorta things, I won't be doing it back oh so much.

It sux that I'm constantly reminded of why I am diffrent, and why I must abstain from any of this the rest of my life. I have problems, and I just need to be alone with them. Everytime I forget this, or someone talks me out of this thinking, people just get hurt. So forget this. I only have friends for now on. I don't love anybody, and I never will. If I get those feelings, I am keeping them to myself, where they belong. I can deal with them how I used to. Now I just need to figure out what to do with my life, and my life has been boring, so I really don't know what I'm going to do at all. Either way, the door is wide open.

Well, I'll wait til next update to talk more about the kart tourney. We already got a person that bought a ticket, but there is much to plan. I'll keep you all posted on that once things are further along.

--5/27/06-- 5 Day Vacation Update

- Summary Of Events -

Well, a whole lot of nothing really, except maybe yesternight. I got to hang out with Cooper here for the first time in awhile. We had a blast. Outside of that, it's been about work! Lets see... 60,60,60,48,48... Yep, that's the life of an RGIS worker. Get 'em while you can, cause it won't always be like this. I've also got addicted to playing monopoly online, lol. Either way, I'll talk about that, and much else!

- Work -

Fed up with it. Don't get me wrong, the $ is great, but geez, omg, it's ridiculous. The situations I get myself into. I bombed a lot of stores, because my fucking brainless workers fuck up the inventories, and they don't even fucking care. Nice guys... and we can't fire them either, because they either got leverage from way above with discrimination cases, or well the fact that like were 30 people short in our district. Talk about a fucknig mess! Either way, I'm just in it for the money now, and I'll save up until my lease is up, and them I'm out. I don't play for losing teams.

It is a shame though, cause I really do like working with Roger, the area manager. AL can be ok, but he's just freaking weird, and you just dunno what he's going to be like, so I kinda keep my distance, unless I have to report something or other. But ya, I guess I just aspire for more in life than making money, and having to baby sit grown people. I want people that can think for themselves and do their job at a high ability. I'm not going to get this at this district. Just to think, I walked away from the district of the year, for that Natalie ho bag! It makes sense she lives near a road called Cock Hill... Ok, it's Rock Hill, but whatever.

So ya, my lease will be up after the summer, and so then it will be time to look into other jobs, and try to possibly gain leverage to get a transfer back home. I'm an AAM, and I have been for like 6 months, and I haven't had a lick of training. They say they will when they get time, but they never do it. Heck, I got 5 days off. I don't need 5 days off. They could come in and do it if they really want to, but they don't, so who fucking cares. I'm kinda not wanting to move up in this company now. They have fired tons of Area Managers, they have cut secretarys to part time, and they are combining districts like a mother fucker to save money. Don't get me wrong, I understand wny they are doing it, but at the same time, It's my career, and I need to look out for #1 here, so seeing this, going to the next level looks like setting myself up for failure. Yep, I think I've rode this one as long as I can.

- Gaming -

Done with Pinochle. All my fav players are gone, and I lost 6 in a row, so no need for that. I did do some Kart cause of Cooper coming over, and I started doing better, but no PR yet. I just want one Pr, then I'd be happy to hang up the controller for the rest of the year! It's just not worth the hours... Amazingly, I'm now addicted to playing monopoly with Andy Davis. I dunno why a game of luck and trading is something I'd want to do. I guess it's just nostalgic, plus it's pretty fun to go at Andy at this. The things that are said back and forth are classic, and besides, we gotta do something while wwaiting for the NFL season to start, and all.

- Car -

I finally got Hope from work to fix the car during one of my inventories. She got like gas all over her when she changed the Fuel Filter. It was totally worth the 40 Bones, let me tell ya! Man, I hate car problems, but I am glad it's over. Now it's back to enjoying a good running car, and all. So yep, time to go back to running that baby like a race car. All 110hp of it... (if that).

- Females -

Well, a small Eryn update. I did talk to her, and I won't go into details, but life has been rough for her. I kinda took my time on asking to hang out, because I didn't want her to take that as charity, cause it's so not that. I actually am bored out of my mind, and she seems like somebody I could trust, and at least relate to, so why not? Still though, I dunno. I've just been really weird about this female thing lately. I'm not into jumping in blindly anymore. Now it's like I want to do anything I can to sabatoge things, and such. This is probably the most scared I've been since the pre-2000 era. She did say she'd call if she was free, and yes, you all know that if I really wanted to make it happen, I'd be hitting up that # myself, but I figure I'll leave it in her hands, as far as that all goes, cause I'm in such a wishy washy mood anyhow.

So who else is left? Ok, well we got this stupid scammer from Africa trying to butter me up, and it is so obvious. It's gals like those and the stupid russian whores that piss me off, and really make me never want to talk to a female again. Anyhow....

There are girls that do love me like that. One of them unfortunitely is well got some serious personal issues. One of them isn't her fault, or maybe 2 or 3, but some of them she could really do something about, and well, I have learned the errors of my ways as far as that goes. Either way, Drugs are not a part of my lifestyle, and I don't want to get into that lifestyle, plus I'd have to take care of her, for a lot of years, as she rehabs and crap, and I just am not equipped to deal with that.

Other than that... Maybe Amy from back home. I never got to meet her, cause I never talked to her on here until I left. She was a great help with getting over the stupid Natalie thing. Damn, the hours I wasted talking about that fat whore. Oh, who am I kidding... I'm sure deep down, I still love her, but I will avoid that ever happening again. Ok but back to Amy... She has a freaking heart of gold, and that sorta thing draws me closer. Honestly, I would take her in a heartbeat, but that's not how she sees me. However, she does want to be close to me in my life, and well, her lines are drawn a bit different, as far as that all goes, so I think there are a few things there, but still, the wrong situation.

It's so weird with her though. Every other gal, if they aren't like emphatically yes, or make it dead obvious, I take it as rejection, but with her, it's like I want to do stupid things like send her flowers and cards and crap, and get her to reconsider, and it's like I wouldn't give up on it either. I guess there is just something about her kind nature that just draws you deep in. Either way, I might as well get that out of my mind, so I don't waste my time. She's a real good friend, and well, I can use more of those that are female anyhow. I'd say that's been the latest trend really, and the fact that I can keep friends that are also female is probably a good sign, cause next would maybe be able to actually have a gf. Don't hold your breath on that one though...

Obviously, there are a few more that I have interests for, but they all got someone, or even if they didn't, it's not really like that. While they see me like someone with that potential, they could never see me with them like that. In fact, that's like every gal that's my friend, really. See a pattern here? It's almost hypocritical, you know?

In all reality, I don't see it happening anytime soon, but it's just one of those things that could probably come out of nowhere when you least expect it. I know that is how it was with all my friends, and shit, if Burbs has somebody, then sure as hell it can happen to me, right? Either way, I'll get off that subject, fast...

- Karting Buddies Are The Best! -

Yep, after a cancelled plan or 2, we finally set aside some time to hang out. First stop was the mall, and the 50 ft rock thingie. Unknown to you all, this actually has been something I've wanted to do, because I would always see it done on TV by some kids, and I always wanted to see how good I was, cause I used to do this when hiking. Yep, we did the rock climb with rope assistance. Good thing, cause I would have lost via falling otherwise :) Ya, it was like first 20 ft or so, I flew up it, but then I was like... oh shit... I'm up there, and I froze, but I was like... Come fucking on, I am on a god damn Rope... This is stupid to think this way, but ya, then I'd like cross up with my legs and hands, and nearly cramp up. Either way I made it to the top about the same time as Cooper, and he got like a 30 second head start :) Oh well, not like we were competing... Well, I was, but that's just my nature. Either way, a good time indeed.

We did some other things like eat and such, but lets see... I don't think I'll tell ya what the funniest thing of the day was, but it involved something breaking, and Cooper fixing it for me, while I took care of my needed paperwork. Yep, I'll leave it at that for now... It wouldn't be good if what really happened got out...

Last main detail of the night was me witnessing Cooper set a PR. Ya, we were going to do other games, but there is something about rooting on a karting buddy. I also had him race Jongerius' ghost on MR (23"13), and he was giving that ghost a workout. The best he did was 23"22, but trust me, he was damn close. I was sucking, so I just let him play most the time, and then I wished him a good night. Yep, he was right, there was something missing, but well, he's rated higher than me in kart now, so the chicks are his responciblity now! I can only teach the boy so much... Or steal chicks from him so long... One of the 2...

--5/11/06-- Yes, it's time to write to everybody!

- Summary Of Events -

Man, it's been a whole month! Yep, there is a good reason for not seeing me on here for awhile. I have worked 60+ the last 2 weeks,and this week I'll be right around 60 again. Besides that, Even when I do got time off, I really haven't been all that motivated to write up things. But yes, I'll cover mostly work, but I'll give you an update on the Jess/Burbs thing, since I kinda went crazy there, and of course, would it be me without a gal on my mind? I also will talk about my car, as well as my view on gaming, the 2nd trip I took to Oklahoma when I did have time off to see Stinson during easter. What else? Probably about the possible kart get together, then I'll just mention some random crap, as usual. Well ok, time to get on it!


Yep, RGIS has been interesting since we've last discussed them. They have cut secretaries to part-time, they have closed down whole districts and conbined and condensed. They have also cut one Area Manager position from the mid-size to bigger districts. I honestly have no clue what they might do next.

Sadly, I've been profiting off all of this chaos. Since I'm hourly, cause of all the disorder, they need me to put in the insane hours more than ever! I just know it can't last, and I am really questioning moving up in the company now. I think my plan is to stick around til the end of my lease in October, and then reassess the situation, and explore my options. I think I have proven my point here. I can live on my own, and thrive. So now, I think after I make sure to take advantage of being in the middle of the country, it will be time to make the voyage back home!

Either way, I'll give things a chance, cause I know I could change my mind, cause things have been pretty good for me, for the most part, even though it wasn't quite everything I was hoping for. I get along with most people pretty well in my district, and there isn't that much pressure on me, although there are those times, but that goes with the territory of being a leader.

- Burbs/Jessi saga -

Well just like to say things are better. Jessi read what I had to say, and she didn't realize my side of things, so she's backed off on what she has had to say, and offered to put this behind her. It's in her nature, so it's not all that much of a suprise. I did talk to Burbs once, and he caught me up on a few things, but it was just so weird, so I really haven't heard from him since. I think everyone realizes that it's best that Burbs and I kinda part our own ways for now, but maybe someday, when things are a little less weird and our lives are different.


Yep, I decided not to spend the easter holiday rotting here, so I made the 430 mile venture to spend 3 days with the Stinsons. Man, did I have a blast! You know, I really find myself at home in the country. Not that it's totally out there, but it's a lot more countryish than where I live now. I forgot just how simple life out in the country is. People are just so much more layed back, and while kids will be kids, It just seems everyone has a lot more patience, and things get solved a whole lot better.

Either way... besides doing enough gaming to fill 3 whole tapes, we also played basketball, tennis, pool, went to church, hung out with a lot of his old friends... It's so interesting to see them all grown up, vs when I was at the kart site and chatted with them when they were just kids. LOL, I even participated in a Easter Egg Hunt. I never really got to do a lot of that when I was a kid, so it was kinda fun to hide the eggs, and see all the kids go and try to find them. Oh yes, I also went and saw one of the soccer games. Well, I didn't really watch too much of it, cause I was basically recruited by one of the kids to do goalie, so they could practice. Let me tell ya, for being young, those kids were good at playing, and lets say I wasn't stopping them from scoring a whole lot. Now, if I charged them, I probably would stop them more, but without doign that, ti was definitely a fair competition. There was this one really young kid that was very good, and he'd get passed the other kids on a breakaway, and score every time!

Here's the one that left me in awe. These kids can do stunts! I guess there is a gymnastics program, but still, until you've seen this, you'd be like... no way... these kids could do front and backflips, and then throw in the ball. Also, when we went to this kids bday party, I oberved a kid doing a backflip dismount off one of the hand obsticle things. I forget what it's called, but it's like a handbar and you go acrossed a gap, but at the end, the kid does a darn backflip! One time, the kid messed it up, and somehow ended up hitting the top of the structure then nailed the side and landed funny. Kid gets up like nothing happened, and goes and does it again. Talk about wow!

I also showed Nathan some of my basketball skills, and some of my tricks. We used them to beat 3 people that we played a 3v3 game against. One thing Stinson beat me at was a half court shot competition. He made 3/10, and I made 2/10. Also, in a horse game, he beat Eli Young from the kart site by making a half court shot, and then making it again on a prove it! I was like... woah! That takes some guts to attempt a shot like that on somebodies last letter!

There are so many experiences I could talk about on this trip, but for now, I'll just show you some pictures from it...

- A Gal Named Eryn. -

Some time ago, I got a random IM by a gal on Yahoo. We talked on and off for a couple hours, and I thought she was pretty cool. We didn't get to talk for awhile, but then we finally got to chat a 2nd time, and it was just like the first time. She mostly asked about me and my life and such. I could tell she was a lot like me, and kinda has always been the type that hears other peoples stories and such. So ya, I eventually asked about her, and the more I have gotten to know her, the more she seems like a really good person. I am still very much getting to know her, but things are going well. I defintely plan on meeting her and hanging out and such. I'm hoping I can work out something for around the Memorial Weekend, and such.

Besides that, it really seems we have a lot in commmon, and connect well. It's kinda scary really, cause, I am like... ok, what could go wrong this time? All the other times I was so sure, and then I'd get suprised by something out of the blue. Either way, I'm going to try to not worry about it for once, and just take it moment by moment. At the very most, I just figure that I have to know, so I'm going to see where it all goes. I think at least this time, at least she's a good person, so at the very least, I have gained a great friend, and things look good so far, so time to go through the process.

Both of us have been super busy, but we did have an 8-hour conversation and we probably covered everything imaginable. I won't even attempt to summarize, but the more and more we talked, it just seemed to get better and better, but in a completely different way than I am used to. It's confusing in one way, but in another way, it's good. Maybe the fact it's different this time might be a very good sign? Either way, I'll keep you all posted!

- The Car -

Well, it's been acting up as of late. At first, I thought it was just some bad ass, but I think it might be some damage to a fuel filter or something. Either way, I hope it's that simple, and I'll give it a look on Friday Afernoon. Man, I am so useless when it comes to cars :)

- Possible Reginal Gaming Competition -

I'll link you to the thread.;start=all

Wow, you found me! Yep, finally made a homepage for myself. This is my 3rd major page project. My first one was The Kart 64 Players Page, and the 2nd one was the Diddy Kong World Records page. I always craved the attention that one can only get with a webpage. Things I thought about, even before the net was what it was today. I felt that someday, things would be as interactive, as they were today, and I had the forsight to see it. I started out online pretty humble, with using friends / high schools internet access. At this point, it was slow, and things were fun, but it was nothing too impressive. Than I connected at LCC, and things were fast. After that, got it to work at my residence, and it was sorta kewl, but this was when I didn't know much about the net, and when AOL was known as America Offline :). Finally, after many trips to LCC, I got online, and since I was following Kart 64, I submitted my times around, and once I got on Andys Page, and he IM'd me, that got the ball rolling. The rest is history, and here I am.