Welcome To The Who Am I Page.

Welcome to the Who Am I Page! As you can tell, I'm the vain type that likes to go on and on about myself. For those that share in my passion, you may get all the goods on me below. How much can you stand to know about a person, you must ask yourself. Well that is what it is like to be me.

Luckiest Man On Earth! The Future Christine Booth

Information On Me:

Name: Kevin Alan Booth
Nicknames: You Choose :)
Location:Springfield, Oregon (again) (Previously Affton, Missouri -1/8th mile from St. Louis), Springfield, Pleasant Hill and Junction City, Oregon)
DOB: 9/15/77 (Virgo) (Life is good now, except old man injuries...)
Status: Long Term Relationship (As close to being engaged without being.)
Occupation: Warehouse/Delivery (Am San- Full Time), Team Leader (RGIS- Part Time), CEO and Founder of Kart 64 Players, Official Referee Of Mario Kart 64 (Twin Galaxies), and lastly, Future Father possibly... (WTF!?!?!?!)
Email: kevinBooth@gmail.com
Homepage: http://www.kevinbooth.net/
Hobbies: Gaming, Basketball, Movies, Open Discussion (On-line, on phone, or in person), Giving Advice, Making Web Pages, And MUCH MUCH MORE
Attributes: 6'1 210-230 Strawberry Blond Hair, or Blond in Summer, With Freckles
Inheritance: Scotish-Irish on my Dads side and multi eurpean and noregian on my moms.
Political Affiliation: Independant
Religious Affiliation: Agnostic at Best but not quite Athiest.
School Affilliation: Graduated From Pleasant Hill High School (Home Of The Billies)

Even More News

Just letting you all know that I got a new job with American Sanitary as a Warehouse/Delivery person. (started 3/3/08) They have me do the long stuff south on mon,tue, and thursday, and every other wednesday, I go down the north coast. So mostly, driving, but some warehouse. So far it has been a great experience, and everyone is pretty casual there. We just lost another guy, and nobody liked him, and we are training a new guy now for the local stuff, and I'll keep doing south, and coast, and help with locals and warehouse when needed. Thing is, I've been hurt most the time with back/leg ailments, so it's been a struggle, but they have been patient with me. It is pretty cool considering I have no experience other than going out on route with my dad in jr high, and messing around with Jamie on the dock when I was 8 with the fork lift, lol.

I guess you can say I was destined to do a route. It is the family business. Both my brothers and my dad used to work for Viking Freight back in the day. It is now Fed Ex Freight. But ya, back in the cool days when a guy named Larry M. used to be the main guy there, we used to have killer company picnics and like we'd even camp the weekend out. From 2nd grade, everyone asked me when I was gonna start, lol. I was a scrony kid back then though, so I did not see myself ever working in that line of work, and so I did not til now.

The Latest In A Nutshell

I figure I'll just give you the laydown on me real fast. Basically, the big thing is as of Feb 28th, 2007, I have finally left the single ranks. It took 29 years, but it is finally here. As you can tell, her pic is to the right of me. Anyhow, her name is Christine, and no real reason to say much more, because her last name will eventually turn into mine the way things are going. Up to date (over 8 months), it has all been completely great, and there is not a day that passes by that I don't feel blessed and lucky to have her in my life. orginally, I chatted, in response to her random myspace messages to her local area, while in Germany. Years later, we eventually met when we both moved back to Oregon in starbucks. That took several months of being home. From there, there was a 2nd meeting, and her kissing me and taking that risk, and the rest is history. Details... maybe someday. Either way, as far as all that goes, I just think about my future, and what I need to do to get there. It's a mutual goal of ours to make that happen when the time is right, but for now...

Just been playing ball once a week or so, and doing card games online. I also do college football and pro football picks with my close advisors, and outside of that, not much else but spending time with Christine and my closest friends locally, and online. I know, nothing to excite you guys, but I like my new life, cause my old life really blew. Now to work on my career (tired of RGIS so looking for new work), as well as working towards my future non-single life. Guess it's time to grow up, huh?

The Happy Couple Sighting

So really... Who Am I?

The Positives: I'm a very passionate person, that when motivated, really cares about the life he has, and the people around me. When I have a purpose, you will find it hard to find anybody else that will work harder to reach their goals. While not college educated, I do see myself as an intelligent person that doesn't speak the kings English, but has the ability to relate to nearly anyone out there, as long as they are open, honest, and caring individuals. In some settings, I can be a leader. As a leader, I can be very outgoing, and very understanding of people's differences. Bottom line, the one thing I enjoy most about life, is the fact that I can impact and reach many individuals in a positive way, as individuals.

Once you break the ice, and you have "found" me, in a sense, you will find that I am quite unique in many ways. You will get to slowly know what I am about. I am all about what is real, and that is the world I care to live in. While I have quite the imagination, the truth is what I search for, and understanding it maybe being even more important to me.

I can be athletic, and play just about any sport, while being able to enjoy a good video game, conversation, or even a movie. While I seem pretty simple, my interests are surprisingly very diverse, and as long as you share a passion in whatever you value, you will find a warm reception.

Things to Look Out For:

Temper: While most of the time, I am a very peace-loving person, there are moments where I can get into an unstoppable rage. Please do not ever move or lose my belongings. Do not insult my intelligence, or refuse to at least acknowledge that my input is worthwhile. Refrain from making personal attacks. Do not tell me what I have to do, or how I should feel. All I have to do is die, and that is all, so bug off. I have a mind of my own, and values of my own too, so don't impose yours on me. If I have lost a competition or have been inconvenienced, it is best to get as far away from me as possible until I have let out my aggression. Do not fight anger with anger, or you will find that my anger is greater than yours is.

Depression: If enough goes wrong, or the right things go wrong that I really care about, I have been known to just put life on hold. You can attempt to cheer me up, but you have just got to accept that there are certain things I want in life. If I feel it's not possible to get them, it is only me, and not you that can change my mind, and get myself out of depression. Depression runs on my mom's side of the family, and they have had a history of mental illness. While I have nothing serious, I'm sure I could be diagnosed with over a dozen conditions never the less.

Distant: Based on past experiences, I find it hard to let people close to me. While having a soft side, I am not one to be overly affectionate by any means. The thought of anyone being inside my personal space (8-12 inches of space please) or hugging me just makes me very uncomfortable. While I care about you in my own way, I can be very emotionally distant, unless I have formed some sort of bond. Heck, I don't even hug my own family, to give you an idea how I operate.

Unorganized: While it goes against my sun sign, I just can't be bothered to take the time to be organized. I commonly throw stuff wherever I deem approved.

Manners: I eat like a slob, and I am not always politically correct. I can be courteous only to a certain point.

Stubborn: While I can be understanding, as well as open, you will find that I can be very stubborn when you get in my bad side.

Values: I see things different than many people, so be ready to be offended by my many theories and beliefs. I hold very few things truly sacred without proof.

Winning: Cause of my brothers, I have always been driven to be the best. I find losing in anything I truly care about unacceptable once I have expected myself to win. There pretty much is nothing you can do to convince me otherwise. I accept losing as a possibility, but that is definitely not to any consolation.

Grudges: I have been known to hold very horrible grudges. Once you have done something to me, and I take it personally, It may be a long time before I forgive you, if I ever do. It's very hard to get me to this level, but once you do, you are on my shit list.

Vengeful: At times of turmoil I have been known to take out my negativity on those that I feel are responsible for bringing me here. Continuing the cycle by doing the same will just add to the chain of events.

Authority: I sometimes have been known to have difficulty with those in power.

Anti-Establishment/Independent: In most cases, I am a free mind, and I usually refuse to be affiliated with any religion, political party, or group, unless I feel that I belong with them, and feel they best represent what I am about, and my values.

Language/Humor: In some settings, I use bad words, or have a very morbid sense of humor.